Survey Software

Collect feedback and data with the hassle-free, seamless Swift Digital Survey Software.


Create perfectly branded online surveys and rest easy knowing all your data is handled in full compliance with the strictest Australian laws and privacy principles.

Key Features

  • Integrated email marketing
  • Custom templates, branded to your exact specifications
  • Branded URLS to add to your website or social media profiles
  • Device responsive design
  • Anonymous or tracked responses
  • Branching logic for complex surveys
  • Flexible reporting - sort by question, compare responses, or export to Excel
  • Over 12 questions types for use in any combination
  • Automated criteria-based triggered emails
  • Set open and close dates
  • Customise landing pages with text and images
  • Save and return


The results for each of your surveys are available as they happen with reports available in multiple formats for maximum flexibility. View your reports by question, compare question responses or export to Excel.

Question Options

  • Yes/no
  • Multiple choice
  • Short Text
  • Long text answers
  • Upload file
  • Rankings
  • Phone number (format verified) Email address (format verified)
  • Drop down list
  • Checkboxes
  • Radio buttons
  • Matrix options
  • Make questions optional or mandatory
  • Insert page breaks and paragraphs
  • Trigger responses