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SMS & Email Marketing Campaign Software for Australian Professionals

Swift Digital SMS technology is fully integrated with the Swift Digital Marketing Automation Platform. Australian Professionals get to leverage rich data sets from across multiple marketing channels for even greater results.

Did you know that text messages have a 98 percent open rate – with 90 percent of messages being opened in under 3 minutes?

Whether it’s HR, event management, or marketing, there really is no better way of connecting with customers and employees.

SMS is a versatile and powerful technology. SMS is Immediate. SMS is the "always on" channel. 

Swift Digital's SMS software puts the power of this important channel directly into your hands through an easy-to-use messaging platform.

Why Include SMS marketing in your email campaign:

  • One-way branded messages so that your message appears from a name not just a number
  • Two-way messaging so you can collect and manage responses
  • Automated Opt out for 100% Spam Act compliance
  • Top tier mobile gateway connectivity for guaranteed on time delivery. 
  • Detailed reports
  • Dedicated number options including Golden numbers for when your inbound number needs to easily remembered. 


Popular uses for SMS messaging management:

Event management through SMS
Event professionals understand the value of sending personalised SMS invite messages prior to an event.

Your customers will appreciate a timely message with the essential event details - time, location, parking, etc - and you will love the increase in attendance rates.

And when things don't go 100% to plan, SMS is the perfect medium for late notice cancellations or venue changes.  

Once you add SMS invitations to your event marketing strategy you will never go back.  

Inspire and encourage

Daily inspirational messages have been proven to reduce social and personal issues such as gambling, drug and alcohol addiction. Offering a subscription email or SMS message service can provide a great source of inspiration to people facing challenges in their daily lives. 

HR Management
From onboarding and training to scheduling and payroll, the HR applications of SMS and email campaign are endless.  .  

Build an automated welcome message sequence for new staff, or manage team logistics during important events. 
The one way messaging option means that your messages are seen to come from the organisation's name rather than a number for greater impact.  

Crisis Management

  • Because SMS messages are opened and read much faster than emails and voicemails, including text messages in your emergency alert protocol makes perfect sense. 
  • In times of transition or emergencies, SMS messaging is a tremendous tool to ensure people are in the right place at the right time.  

Customer Service
Small and large businesses alike need a scalable (and affordable) option that improves customer relations. Here are some ideas:

  • Exit Polls. The best way to know if you’re doing something right is by checking the pulse of your customers. With SMS marketing campaign, you can send out short polls and gain instant feedback from those whose opinions matter. Schedule these immediately after a purchase or interaction for immediate, direct and accurate feedback
  • Appointment reminders. Nothing is more costly for a business than when a customer forgets an appointment. Lost business and wasted expenses can be drastically reduced with SMS. 

Inbound and Outbound Marketing

  • Email open rates pale in comparison to SMS open rates, and you’ll never see higher engagement rates than when you send out the right text messages.

  • Generate leads with inbound campaigns to dedicated numbers, or post timely offers to targeted groups based on purchase history, or demographic. 

Success Essentials For Australian SMS messaging

SMS messaging is a potent communication channel; it is more personal and direct than email or social platforms. For an SMS marketing campaign to be successful there are a few essentials rules to follow.

Failure to follow these simple guidelines can cost you permission to send future messages - but more importantly your reputation

1: Collect permission clearly and concisely. Never assume permission just because you have a customer's mobile number

2: Be timely. Make sure your message reaches your audience at a convenient time. A text message at midnight might not elicit the type of response you were aiming for.

3: Be relevant. If your message is to succeed it must be important to the audience - not just to you.

4: Use sparingly. Because SMS is so powerful, use it with discretion. Remember that once they reply "stop" that the channel is closed off permanently. 

5: Monitor your replies in real time. 2 Way messaging allows people to respond and the types of responses will tell you very quickly if you are on the right or wrong track. 

6: Respect the law when it comes to Spam - Stop means Stop.