SMS Software for Australian Professionals

Smart phones have changed the way the world communicates. Each new device blurs the lines between mobile phone and computer even further. The way you interact with your customers, needs to adapt to the times. Swift Digital offers a range of marketing software solutions and services designed to make it easier for you to handle the changing mobile landscape.

How can SMS and email marketing automation software benefit my business?

As studies will confirm, more and more people are utilising their mobile device to surf the web and engage with brands. This means your business has the potential to connect with your target markets, or current consumer base directly. Tailoring SMS or email marketing to reach these demographics automatically at specific times, such as after a purchase, or leading up to a sale, will greatly boost the effectiveness of your campaign.


Responsive design

All email templates and landing pages you build are mobile responsive by default, ensuring that your communications look great no matter the size of the screen.

Mobile optimised site development

With more and more smart phones on the market, it’s important to consider how your website looks and feels on a mobile device. Mobile optimised site development ensures that your mobile visitors will enjoy the same experience as desktop visitors.

Integrated SMS messaging

The Swift Digital platform includes a straightforward, effective SMS module, allowing you to create and broadcast one-way or two-way SMS campaigns.