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Marketing Automation

Whether you’re building sophisticated drip campaigns, planning a series of events, or crafting regular monthly newsletters, all the automation tools you need are at your fingertips with the Swift Digital platform. Save time and get more from your marketing automation platform.

Harness the power of Campaign Builder

Campaign Builder
Create emails and assign triggers to occur based on user behaviours (such as opening, clicking or not opening).
Create landing pages and assign triggers to occur based on user behaviours (such as visits, clicks, form submissions, etc.).
Create converging paths where multiple triggers must occur for the next milestone to be reached.
Send an automated email when a milestone is reached. Assign additional triggers based on interactions with triggered communications.
Send follow up emails when previously sent emails remain unopened for a set period of time.
Continue your journey with more milestones, triggers and paths.

See Campaign Builder in action!

Marketing Automation, Creating a Campaign Journey | Duration: 4:46

Tools to help you automate your marketing tasks

Campaign Builder

Use our drag-and-drop Campaign Builder to create user journeys and assign actions to occur based on behaviours (opens, clicks, inactivity, etc.) and/or dates variables.

Trigger Module

Use our Trigger Module to schedule one-off email sends when a user performs a behaviour or when a specified date is met (birthdays, memberships, renewals, etc.).

Event Automation

Automate event marketing communications such as: invitations, email reminders, SMS reminders, follow-ups, etc. to send to contacts, registrants, non-respondents, attendees, no-shows, etc.

Triggers give complete control over user journeys

Behavioural Triggers

Assign behavioural trigger based on conditions such as: clicks, opens, conversions, visits, downloads, inactivity, etc.

Date Triggers

Build date-based triggers for: memberships, birthdays, renewals, inactivity, milestones, or any other important date.

Website Triggers

Link and track website visits and page lands, then activate triggers based on user browsing habits and activities.


































Engagement Scoring

Contact scores to see who’s engaged and who’s not.

A customer engagement score is a measure of just how well your customers are connected to your brand. Each customer has a unique score based on their interactions with your products and services. The higher the score, the more likely they are to engage or reengage with you.

Engagement scores are automatically generated by tracking activities such as: web clicks, opening and reading marketing emails, registering for an event, completing a survey, filling in an online form, downloading a document, etc.

You can use engagement scores to create new market segments and target groups who are highly engaged and most likely to convert.

Learn more: Engagement Scoring

One Powerful Marketing Platform

A complete toolbox for your online marketing needs

Easily create and send email for any purpose.

Publish cutting-edge online surveys with ease.

Everything you need to run events online.

Send targeted SMS campaigns at a moment’s notice.

Build and publish landing pages on the fly.

Numerous integration solutions to fit your needs.

Multiple integration options

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