Event management for super and investment companies

Superannuation and insurance companies, and investment and retirement firms.

Customise and automate your academic, social or cultural events: more registrations & fewer headaches

Swift Digital is your all-in-one event management platform.

From invite to check-in, you’ll have a beautifully branded and seamless event registration process.

See all this and more in action. Schedule a demo to see how our email marketing software can help you…


Develop a thriving community by hosting more events for members and clients


Fewer administrative errors like double bookings


Customise email campaigns to promote events to members and clients


Easily manage registration, invoicing and even payments


Increase engagement and registration numbers


Quickly gather feedback to improve future events

Australian universities and educational organisations of all sizes have selected Swift Digital as their engagement platform.

Event technology can help increase event attendance by 20%, increase productivity by 27%, and decrease costs by 20-30%.

Enterprise Event Marketing
Small group event

Why Swift Digital?

When we started out in 2001, most Australian marketing companies offered their software on CDs.

We didn’t. We immediately saw that online was the way to go. Our all-in-one marketing platform was created – and we’ve been developing it ever since.

It now provides a centralised point for event, email marketing, online surveys, landing pages, mobile marketing, and more.

We have helped thousands of Australian companies grow; and we now look after some of the largest superannuation and investment firms in the country, as well as banking, finance, legal, accounting, and government organisations.

With our customised marketing templates, we can help medium-sized or larger organisations in almost any industry sector make a bigger splash.

Your data couldn’t be any safer!

All our data servers are located in Australia – not offshore. And we are fully compliant with Australian anti-spam and privacy laws.

Please tell the team thanks for making our emails and landing pages look so great! You guys do such speedy work! We’re really pleased with how easy it has been to use the system.


Some impressive statistics


Events Created




Payments Processed

Packed to the rafters with event management features

Event statuses

Event statuses for: registered, declined, cancelled, wait list, paid/unpaid, staff.

Email templates

Create and send emails and see: bounces, opens, clicks and more.

SMS communications

Send SMS reminders, venue change alerts, or any other notifications.

Add guest functionality

Allow guests, and even set a maximum guest limit.

Payment gateway integration

Run paid events. Funds are sent directly to your bank account.

Print name labels

Print name tags/labels to provide to your guests on arrival.

Guest cancellations

Allow guests to cancel their registration should they no longer be able to attend.

Capacity limits

Set an event capacity, and allow users to join a ‘wait list’ when reached.

Exclusive invitations

Only allow people whom you’ve invited to register.

Overbook/wait list

Allow registrants to join a ‘wait list’ if the event becomes full.

Event microsites

Build microsites to advertise and promote your event and event details.

Event app and bar codes

Use our iOS event app and QR codes to scan or quickly mark attendance.
Police Health Email Offer
Cbus Super Newsletter
Sunsuper Surprise Email Campaign

Who's it for?

Do you arrange conferences, seminars, webinars, or other online or offline events for superannuation fund members or investment clients?

Maybe you’re too busy with other marketing campaigns to experience the benefits that events can bring to your business?

But there’s a good reason why events are on the rise for Australian businesses: they are an excellent way to engage your target audience, improve the client experience, and boost customer retention and growth.

If you’re looking to organise more high-quality, well-attended, and successful events for your organisation, it doesn’t have to be at the expense of other marketing efforts.

Let the technology help you…

Make more of an impact with your events by:

  • Personalising email invites to your target audience

  • Building your own customised, easy-to-use registration forms

  • Managing registrants and cancellations efficiently – without mistakes

  • Adding guest functionality and wait lists

  • Printing name labels

  • Sending out SMS reminders and notifications

  • Monitoring event statuses more effectively (registered, declined, cancelled, paid/unpaid, etc.)

  • Invoice and payment management using a payment gateway

  • Marking event attendance using our mobile event app and QR codes

  • Gathering feedback after the event


Event management automation: More successful events with less time and effort

How do you ensure that your event is promoted to the right people, optimised for the maximum amount of registrations, administered without errors, and ultimately – a resounding success?
You automate as much of the work as possible.

Our event management software for universities, colleges, schools, and other educational establishments ensures that you have maximum reach and impact – with the minimum of demand on your precious time.

Promote and automate!

Date Triggers

Send automated emails and SMS messages based on dates

  • One month before event, send ‘Invitation’
  • Two weeks before event, send ‘Reminder to register’
  • Three days before event, send ‘Reminder to attend’
  • One day before event, send SMS reminder
  • One hour after event, send ‘Thanks for attending’
  • One day after event, send ‘Sorry we missed you’

Behavioural Triggers

Send automated emails and SMS messages based on behaviour

If “Invitation” email is unopened

Send “Invitation” SMS

Build User Journeys

Build user journeys with unlimited paths, actions, and milestones

  • Build unlimited paths with various triggers to send email and SMS campaigns.
  • Set triggers to occur at any variable, from immediately to hundreds of days later.
  • Assign data conditions to triggers that must be met for campaigns to be sent.
  • Run, pause, edit, and clone campaign journeys at any time.

Need more than event management?

If an event management platform is just one of your needs, many more marketing solutions for educational organisations are covered by the Swift Digital platform.

We also provide comprehensive tools for: email marketing, landing pages, surveys, SMS, automation, engagement scoring, and more.

These tools all integrate seamlessly with your CRM software.

Your marketing campaigns can be handled from one central, secure hub, managed by data servers right here in Australia!

If necessary, this will be covered in our initial discussion – and each tool can be included in your demo.

Learn more: Event Management

Email Marketing

Effortlessly create stunning emails, newsletters and campaigns using our drag-and-drop email builder.

Landing Pages

Build web pages like you build emails. Create forms to capture leads and contacts.


Create simple or complex surveys using over a dozen question types and branching logic.

Mobile and SMS

Send personalised messages to your contacts and monitor replies.


Create user journeys and assign actions to occur based on milestones, dates, and behaviours.

Engagement Scoring

See who’s engaged and who’s not and target campaigns accordingly.

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