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Event Management Screens
Custom Branded Templates

We customise your templates so the entire event process reflects your brand and/or event theme.

Mobile Responsive

All templates, emails and pages are automatically mobile responsive.

Event Extensions

Custom calendars, appointment booking systems and complex registration forms are our specialty.

Events Created
Event Registrations
Payments Processed

Packed to the rafters with:

Event Management Software Solutions

Event statuses

Event statuses for: registered, declined, cancelled, wait list, paid/unpaid, staff.

Email templates

Create and send emails and see: bounces, opens, clicks and more.

SMS communications

Send SMS reminders, venue change alerts, or any other notifications.

Add guest functionality

Allow guests, and even set a maximum guest limit.

PDF certificates

Issue custom PDF attendance certificates.

Calendar management

Create calendars, assign events and display a dynamic list of upcoming events.

Payment gateway integration

Run paid events. Funds are sent directly to your bank account.

Print name labels

Print custom name tags/labels to provide to your guests on arrival.

Guest cancellations

Allow guests to cancel their registration should they no longer be able to attend.

Capacity limits

Set a capacity and allow users to join a ‘wait list’ when reached.

Multi-session events

Build multi-session events with single-select and multi-select options.


Allow donations of any amount to be made.

Exclusive event invitations

Only allow people whom you’ve invited to register.

Overbook/wait list

Allow registrants to join a ‘wait list’ if the event becomes full.

Event microsites

Build microsites to advertise and promote your event and event details.

Event app and bar codes

Use our event app to quickly scan or mark attendance.

CPD management

Assign CPD points to your events and issue PDF certificates.

Enhanced ticketing options

Add multiple ticketing types, for each ticket.

Advanced ticketing options

Apply multiple ticketing types with pax and availability limits.

Intuitive form builder

Build custom forms with a drag and drop editor.

Venue management

Save venue, map, and important venue details to easily recall for future events.

Discount codes

Assign discount codes and accept donations.

Dynamic form fields

Show certain questions based on previous answers.

Variable host/guest form fields

Require and collect different fields for the host and guests.

Event Planning Checklist

There are plenty of moving parts when it comes to event planning, and it can be difficult to keep your head above water.

Our event planning checklist makes sure you don’t miss any vital elements when planning your event.

Download our Event Planning Checklist now!

Download Checklist
Event Planning Checklist

Powerful event management software

Harness the true power of event software. The Swift Digital online event management software provides numerous automation features to assist in running your events. This online event management software can automate:

  • Emails – Automatically issue:
    • Event invitations to a designated contact list
    • ‘Reminders to register’ to non-respondents
    • Confirmation emails/event tickets to registrants
    • ‘Reminder to attend’ email to event registrants
    • ‘Thank you for attending’ emails to attendees
    • ‘Sorry we missed you’ emails to no-shows
  • SMS – Send ‘reminder to attend’ SMS’s to event registrants
  • Payments – We provide payment gateway integration and invoices/receipts to fully automate the payment process
  • Cancellations – Allow registrants to cancel their registration if they’re no longer able to attend
Learn more: Marketing Automation
Event Communications Plan

Use our event management software to own your events with beautiful, end-to-end custom branding

If your current online event software stamps it’s logo and name all over your email communications and registration forms, you’re doing it wrong. We know the importance of brand and themes to events, so every time you create an event, you can set your styles and upload custom banner and footer images which will automatically appear across all emails, forms and pages that reside under your event.

Running events is part of advertising, and we make it easier than ever to present your event and brand in a professional way. This is only one of the reason why Swift Digital is the best event booking software available in Australia.

Event Management Software that Manages Events and Registrations in Real-time

The administration area of this online event management software presents event and registrant data in real-time. From the moment you send an invitation with this event software, you’ll begin to see registrations trickle (or flood) through. Registrants enter the system with all data they provided on the registration form. You can then modify this data or adjust registrations (move, cancel, etc) as needed.

Manage Events

Create, organise and modify events on the fly.

Manage Registrations

Search and modify registrations as required.

Event software that provides extensions for calendars, appointments, complex registration forms and more

We provide our clients with many custom solutions to help them run a professional and smooth event process. If you have an event or event series that requires a custom event extension, get in contact with us to discuss how we can help.

Our event software specialise in the following event extensions :

  • Complex registration forms
    • Branching questions
    • Multi-session or multi-city
    • Hidden fields (pass data from invitation to form)
    • Dynamic content and options (contact-determinant fields or variables)
  • Custom event calendars
    • Day, month or list view
    • Single or multi-select events
    • Embed within your website
  • Appointment booking systems
  • Event websites and event microsites

Run paid events with ease using event management software

Running paid events shouldn’t be an arduous affair. We offer automated invoicing for manual payments or Bpay/bank transfers, online payments through your bank, and automated receipts/payment confirmations.

For online payments, we integrate your Swift account directly with your bank’s payment gateway system. This provides several benefits to you:

  • You receive funds immediately in your designated bank account
  • Our event software never handle funds directly, this improves security as everything goes straight to your bank account
  • We don’t skim money off the top of your event sales/transactions like many other event software companies do
  • You can initiate refunds directly within your payment gateway
Event Check-in

Impress guests and streamline check-ins with our iOS event planning app

Gone are the days of shuffling through pages of registrants to mark attendance. Manual, paper-based check-ins can be time consuming, flustering and leaves attendees with vibes of technological ineptness. Now you can use our iOS event check-in app to scan attendance with bar codes, or quickly locate an attendee through incremental search (Eg. type “Fra” to immediately see all “Franks” or “Frans” registered for your event).

Our event app also allows you to quickly add “rock up” registrants and even wirelessly print name labels. How’s that for savvy?

Learn more: Mobile event planning app

Clients love our event management software

A big thank you for all your team’s help to date! The Employee and Family Month site is looking and working amazingly, and we have received so much great feedback--especially on the customer experience. You guys are wonderful!


The event process is working very well, and I am really happy with the look and feel of the system. Well done on the implementation, you’ve done a great job!


I’m already loving working in the SD environment, such a relief after battling with Marketo for eight months!

Blue NRG

Multiple integration options

A few event examples

HLB Mann Judd

HLB Mann Judd

HLB Mann Judd Invitation

University of Sydney – Thredbo

University of Sydney – Thredbo

University of Sydney - Custom Registration Form

Ausbil Investment Management

Ausbil Investment Management

Ausbil Roadshow Invitation

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