Email marketing for super and investment companies

Superannuation and insurance companies, and investment and retirement firms.

Engage your members and investors on building wealth, protecting their futures, and retiring in comfort.

Swift Digital is your all-in-one email marketing platform.

Effortlessly create stunning emails, newsletters and campaigns using our drag-and-drop email builder. Use our built-in tools to automate campaigns and user journeys, see contact engagement, and advanced insights and statistics to see how your communications perform.

See all this and more in action. Schedule a demo to see how our email marketing software can help you…


Regularly and seamlessly connect with existing members and investors


Build superannuation and investment newsletters from templates


Easily develop automated and engaging email campaigns to attract new clients

Save Time

Free up time for other valuable marketing campaigns


Create eye-catching custom-designed and branded templates


Create automated nurturing programs for members, employers and clients.

Australian super & investment firms of all sizes have selected Swift Digital as their engagement platform.

Email has a median ROI of 122% - over 4 times higher than other marketing formats including social media, direct mail, and paid search.

Survey of US marketers by Direct Marketing Assoc. & Demand Metric2016
Email Communications

Why Swift Digital?

We were the first Australian marketing company to offer an online platform. When we started life in 2001, companies relied on CDs to install marketing software.

That’s partly why we’ve grown to become the country’s leading marketing automation software company.

Our all-in-one marketing automation platform includes not only email marketing but also event management, online surveys, landing pages, engagement scoring, mobile marketing, and more.

We take care of the marketing requirements of some of Australia’s largest superannuation, investment, banking, and legal/accounting organisations.

Your data couldn’t be safer!

All our data servers are located right here in Australia. We’re fully compliant with all Australian anti-spam and privacy laws.

Our email servers are also unparalleled in their reputation in Australia.

What does that mean for you? Your emails are more likely to be read by the recipients…

Please tell the team thanks for making our emails and landing pages look so great! You guys do such speedy work! We’re really pleased with how easy it has been to use the system.


Some impressive statistics


Emails Sent


Delivery Rate


Sender Score

Packed to the rafters with email marketing features


Auto-generated list of article titles (with anchor links) in your newsletter.

Social media integration

Direct readers to your organisation's social media networks.

Forward functions

Readers may forward an entire email or individual article.


Easily embed YouTube videos directly within your newsletter.

Welcome emails

Automatically issue welcome emails when a designated mail group is joined.

Share functions

Readers may share an entire email or individual article on social networks.


Link to archives for readers to review past publications.

Google maps

Automatically add maps and set zoom levels based on an address.

Subscription forms

Capture new contacts and add them to your mailing lists.

Interactive polls

Gather instant feedback from your readers in an engaging way.

"Read more" links

Keep articles concise, then expand them to full length within the email.

Calendar lists

Create dynamic event calendar lists based on existing event data.

A/B Testing

Test subject lines and automatically publish the best performing version.

Rules and dynamic content

Set rules on content blocks to restrict visibility by: mail group, data or behaviour.
Police Health Email Offer
Cbus Super Newsletter
Sunsuper Surprise Email Campaign

Who's it for?

You’re a superannuation company looking after the best interests of your members, as they build wealth for a happy, healthy, and prosperous future.

It’s a partnership, so you want to be front of mind when they’re considering retirement and their futures. You want to help protect and grow what they’ve got.

And you want to attract more families looking for the same benefits.

How do you do that?

Through our all-in-one email platform, which automates your engagement with existing and future members, making it easy to stay in regular contact and attract new members.

Or perhaps you’re an investment firm looking to communicate more consistently and effectively with your large pool of investors?

Let our technology help you do that…

Get a better ROI from your email marketing:

Our email marketing software for superannuation companies and investment firms will improve your ROI from email marketing.

And what’s more, it’s simple to use: the drag and drop editor helps you build email campaigns from the customised templates we create.

  • Segment your members/investors/prospects & personalise communications

  • Send eye-catching emails using images, video, maps, etc.

  • Quickly design campaigns using beautiful templates

  • Automate the sending of emails to save time

  • Increase open rates with optimised subject lines & copy

  • Build sophisticated drip campaigns based on action (or inaction)

  • Connect easily with your preferred social media channels

  • Send regular newsletters to keep members & investors informed

  • Run more A/B tests to see what’s working best – and what’s not

  • Optimise emails for mobile as well as desktop


Automation helps you achieve more with less

With our email marketing software for superannuation and investment companies, you’ll communicate with existing members and attract new members more effectively.

And the best part is you can set and forget!

We give you the tools to automate your campaigns so that your messages are sent to the right people at the right time – without eating into your time.

Date Triggers

Send automated emails and SMS messages based on dates

Seven days after member sign up

Send “Welcome” email

Behavioural Triggers

Send automated emails and SMS messages based on behaviour

If “Welcome” email is unopened

Send “Welcome” SMS

Build User Journeys

Build user journeys with unlimited paths, actions, and milestones

  • Build unlimited paths with various triggers to send email and SMS campaigns.
  • Set triggers to occur at any variable, from immediately to hundreds of days later.
  • Assign data conditions to triggers that must be met for campaigns to be sent.
  • Run, pause, edit, and clone campaign journeys at any time.

A centralised marketing hub…

If email marketing software is just one of your needs, many more marketing solutions for educational organisations are covered by the Swift Digital platform.

We also provide comprehensive tools for: event management, landing pages, surveys, SMS, automation, engagement scoring, and more.

These tools all integrate seamlessly with your CRM software.

Your marketing campaigns can be handled from one central, secure hub, managed by data servers right here in Australia!

If necessary, this will be covered in our initial discussion – and each tool can be included in your demo.

Learn more: Email Marketing

Event Management

From invite to check-in, you’ll have a beautifully branded and seamless event registration process.

Landing Pages

Build web pages like you build emails. Create forms to capture leads and contacts.


Create simple or complex surveys using over a dozen question types and branching logic.

Mobile and SMS

Send personalised messages to your contacts and monitor replies.


Create user journeys and assign actions to occur based on milestones, dates, and behaviours.

Engagement Scoring

See who’s engaged and who’s not and target campaigns accordingly.

What's next?

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