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Email Marketing Screens
Custom Branded Templates

No cookie-cutters here, we customise all templates to comply with your brand guidelines.

Mobile Responsive

All emails automatically become mobile responsive without any extra effort.

Flexible Layouts

Layout and feature possibilities are endless with our brand new drag-and-drop editor.

Emails sent:
Delivery rate:
Sender score:

Packed to the rafters with email marketing features


Auto-generated list of article titles (with anchor links) in your newsletter.

Social media integration

Direct readers to your organisation's social media networks.

Forward functions

Readers may forward an entire email or individual article.


Easily embed YouTube videos directly within your newsletter.

Welcome emails

Automatically issue welcome emails when a designated mail group is joined.

GA Tracking

Easily add your campaign tracking information

Share functions

Readers may share an entire email or individual article on social networks.


Link to archives for readers to review past publications.

Google maps

Automatically add maps and set zoom levels based on an address.

Subscription forms

Capture new contacts and add them to your mailing lists.

Interactive polls

Gather instant feedback from your readers in an engaging way.

Email Reporting

Get information on opens, click throughs and where they clicked


Multiple integrations with a range of CRM's

"Read more" links

Keep articles concise, then expand them to full length within the email.

Calendar lists

Create dynamic event calendar lists based on existing event data.

A/B Testing

Test subject lines and automatically publish the best performing version.

Rules and dynamic content

Set rules on content blocks to restrict visibility by: mail group, data or behaviour.

Drag and drop

Drag and drop content widgets, layout blocks, and videos/images.

Compare Statistics

Compare emails and campaigns to find out best performing emails, articles and more.

Powerful Australian email marketing automation

Have the power of email marketing software in Australia and at your fingertips. The Swift Digital platform is an email marketing company in Australia and gives you the ability to:

  • Build sophisticated drip campaigns based on user action (or inaction)
  • Establish lead nurturing programmes
  • Trigger email campaigns based on behaviour (clicks, opens, etc.), date and web visits.
  • Build email workflows for events such as subscriptions

Save time and get more from your email marketing solutions software.

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Marketing Automation Flow
Beautiful Email Designs

Create and design beautiful emails with our Australian email marketing software

Our new drag and drop editor is a delight to use and ensures your communications remain on-brand. We take care of setting up your templates and styles to match your brand guidelines using our email marketing solutions platform, so it’s one less thing for you to worry about.

The Swift Digital email marketing platform has unique features designed to increase engagement and improve intelligence gathering so you can deliver an email experience like no other.

Personalise and segment like never before

One of the most simple but overlooked email marketing techniques you can implement to improve reader engagement is to personalise communications and target different segments of your audience with content relevant to them.

Take, for instance, the side-by-side comparison of the emails to the right. The communications have been personalised using the recipient’s first name, but even more, a dynamic banner has been added to provide relevance based on the contact’s geographic location.

Small details such as personalisation can go a long way to help customers become more engaged with your brand and communications. The Swift Digital platform is an email marketing software company in Australia that makes personalising, data segmentation, and adding content rules a treat to work with.

Their Email Servers

Server Reputation

Mail Blocked

Low-reputation servers can make it difficult to deliver your email.

Our Email Servers

Server Reputation

Mail Delivered

High-reputation servers make email delivery far more likely.

Deliver email on-time, every time.

Did you know your email provider’s server reputation is the most important thing to affect email deliverability?

Many other email marketing solutions allow everyone and anyone to sign up and start sending emails (even spammy emails), thus resulting in poor email server reputation scores. Because emails are sent from shared servers, your ability to effectively deliver communications may be compromised due to the low quality or spammy nature of others.

At Swift Digital, we don’t just let anyone sign up willy-nilly and start blasting spam. We are one of the only email marketing companies in Australia whose email marketing software includes an exclusive client base, including many of the top companies in Australia, whose email habits are legitimate and genuine–this, in turn, lends to uniquely high server reputation scores. Join our elite list of clients using us as their chosen email marketing solutions platform, and start sharing in the deliverability rewards of unparalleled server reputation.

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Test and analyse email performance like a pro

A necessity in any modern email marketing solutions software is the ability to analyse campaign performance in real-time. From the moment you send a communication, you’ll begin to see open rates, click rates, bounce rates and a myriad of other reporting options. You can even drill down to see interaction on a user-level (Eg. who clicked a certain link, or who was interested in a particular article).

You’ll find other statistics for things like:

  • Article, template and external link clicks
  • Devices and operating systems your readers are using
  • Top-level domains and geographic locations
  • Subscribe and unsubscribe data
  • Time graphs show when readers are opening  your email

Our Click Map feature allows you to see, in one intuitive view, how your newsletter performed and identify which articles were most engaging.

Our drag and drop editor makes adding images easy as

Adding images to your emails could not be easier with our drag-and-drop functionality. Simply drag in and drop an image from your computer and we’ll take care of the tagging and resizing.

Find out how Swift Digital have helped your industry

The Swift Digital email marketing software is one of the only email marketing companies in Australia which can be used by organisations of all industries and sizes. Here you’ll find more in-depth information on email marketing for several industries that have found our email marketing solutions platform to be very successful in implementing their email marketing programs.

Clients love our Australian email marketing software 

I just wanted to say thank you for all your help in the last few months with getting our newsletter off the ground. Without your help, there is no way it would have been so seamless.

Environment Essentials

Thank you for all of your support with our EOFY campaign. Especially staying back late on Friday night to publish our urgent communication. You guys are worth your weight in gold!

Mine Super

While the new email builder will make life easier, my main compliment for Swift Digital is for your people--I believe your people and level of service are the true differentiator for us as a customer.


Multiple integration options

Here are a few who Swift Digital work with every day.

Effortlessly create stunning emails, newsletters and campaigns using our drag-and-drop email builder.

A few email examples

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