Why Writing a Monthly Newsletter Just Isn’t Enough

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It wasn’t that long ago that email marketing was the cornerstone of every digital marketer’s strategy. Just a few years ago, sending out the iconic monthly newsletter was the hot ticket. Conversions went up, website visitors increased, and so did sales. Email quickly became a revolutionary way for businesses to stay in contact with customers without having to spend a lot of money – or time.

Like many other bursts of digital innovation, it was a win/win for marketers and consumers who could enjoy deals, updates, and insightful tips, conveniently delivered to their email inbox. However, the digital landscape didn’t stand still at email. In fact, it never stops evolving.

Today, email marketing is still essential but a monthly newsletter alone won’t deliver the same wins. Rather, it must fit within your overall strategy, which should include multiple channels for engagement. In our latest post, we look at what other things you need to use to maximise marketing efforts in 2017 and beyond.

Social Media

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter allow users to instantly communicate with a business or brand. There are over 16 million active Australian users on Facebook, nearly 15 million on YouTube and 5 million on Instagram. Social media marketing is one area you don’t want to leave out of your digital strategy.

Use your social platforms to support your other channels. Think of your online marketing plan as a puzzle, where you want all the pieces to work together to create the big picture. Ideally, you should use your social platforms to work with the messaging on your website and in your newsletters. For example, announce your latest Instagram competition in your email newsletter. Post the best photos on your website and your Twitter feed. The key to leaving a lasting – and ongoing – impression is to have all your channels working cohesively to ensure a consistent message.

Which social media sites should your brand be on? When it comes to social media marketing, more isn’t necessarily better. Aim to be where your audience is. If your customers are visual heavy, they may be on Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube. For B2B brands, LinkedIn and Twitter may yield better results.


Blogging is one of the most effective tools for generating leads and building your brand’s online presence. A blog has several advantages that can help you stay ahead of the competition:

  • Posting fresh content on your website, which users love, will also make your site more attractive to search engines, helping you get on the first page of SERPs.
  • Your blog provides you with the material you can use to create newsletter content.
  • Regular blogging shows that you are an expert in your field.
  • Excellent blog content will get shared on social media sites, which will increase your visibility even more.
  • Over time, regular posts will help to grow your following on your website and your social platforms – exponentially

Reviewing Data

With each channel, you can track and monitor the performance of your content. This data can shed light on more than just how well your content is doing, it can identify the strengths and weaknesses of each campaign, while also highlighting potential opportunities you can take to engage more of your audience.

  • Did that live streaming video on Facebook get ten times the likes and shares of your other posts?
  • Which type of blog post is getting shared the most on social media?
  • Do your email click-through rates go through the roof when you personalise your subject lines?

These are the things you want to be paying attention to so you can make better-informed decisions for your next campaign. You don’t want to be doing things on the fly because they are on trend; every piece of content, via any channel, should have a purpose. The more you understand what you are dealing with and what your market reacts to, the more empowered you are to craft tailored campaigns that drive even better results.

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