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Every aspect of email marketing can be improved with some simple personalisation techniques.

Email subscriptions – every brand, big and small, knows the importance of this marketing technique. But these days, as consumers are bombarded with dozens of branded emails every week, it’s no longer enough just to fill them with impersonal product information. After all, customers like to feel as though they are more than just a customer; they want to feel valued and recognised as an integral part of your brand. So how do your EDMs fit into this, and just how important can it be?

Research has shown that simply using the customer’s name in the subject line of the email can lead to a 5.2% increase in open rates. Further personalisation beyond this can boost engagement by 50% and influence their decision to choose your products or services again by up to 80%. As we mentioned earlier; every brand is doing email marketing, but not every brand is doing it well. So if you can master the art of enticing your subscribers with brand-centric, personalised content, you will undoubtedly stand out from the crowd.

“So how can I personalise my emails?”

Well, that’s a good question, and one that goes far beyond simply addressing the subscriber by their first name like many may think. While personally addressing someone is one good way to engage potential customers, you can also personalise by geographical location.

For example, if Melbourne is gearing up for a scorcher of a week, you may want to send out an email to your Melbourne customers suggesting all the best swimsuits in your collection. You can also email tailored product suggestions to your customers based on what they have previously bought, or personalise your tone to sound more laid back and informal, like you’re having a conversation with the audience rather than marketing your products to them.

Ultimately, deciding to personalise your EDMs will work to break down the barriers between you and your subscribers. It lets them see who you are as a brand and makes you stand out from the crowd of emails that gather up in their inbox throughout the day. By investing some time and effort into nailing this important marketing trick, you are sure to see greater customer engagement.

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