Despite the advent of many new and exciting marketing methods, email marketing is definitely still one of the most reliable ways of marketing and that means you should still be emailing your customers regularly (but not too regularly). If you are having limited success with your email marketing campaigns though, there’s likely a reason that will require some analysis of what you’re doing and why.

The key to email success is ensuring that your emails create reader engagement. One of the easiest ways of doing this is by increasing the ability of a reader to interact with your email content. Creating emails that allow for interaction does a number of things. Firstly, it increases the amount of information you’re conveying in each email. Secondly, it allows your readers to communicate more easily (depending on the content, but we’re talking about things like polls) and lastly, it impresses the masses by showing your readers that you’re technologically advanced and willing to move with the times. In fact, a number of recent polls and surveys have indicated that interactivity is highly valued when internet trends are ranked and in most cases, ranked in as the number one preference.

Therefore, if you’re not using interactive features in your emails, this may be the reason you’re not seeing great results. Don’t panic though – it’s never too late to change the way you do things and learn some methods of adding interactive features to emails. Below are the first 2 Ways to make your emails pop. Click through to ‘Ways to Make Your Emails Pop Part 2’ and ‘Even More Ways to Make Your Emails Pop’ to see the rest of this huge list.

Keep it Relevant

Using real-time marketing gives you that cutting-edge advantage over your competitors. Customers are given the opportunity to make a choice based on the interaction that is based on current circumstances.

As an example, a booking agency company who you’ve bought standard tickets through might send you an email with a seating map, letting you know you’re currently having a sale on the last dozen first-class seats and asking if you’d like to upgrade your ticket. You (the customer) can see the available seats on the seating map and can click which one you’re interested to see the price and to book.

Customers can choose to change their current seating for a seat in a different position but that’s the same price, or they can upgrade and pay the difference for a better seat. Delta Airlines in the US used a similar interactive real-time technique with their seating tickets and they increased their click-through rates by 123%. For such a high gain, this seems pretty easy right?

Add Surveys, Polls and Reviews

Surveys and polls are fantastic, not only for you but also your readers. You’re receiving up-to-date information regarding whatever topic your survey is about and your customers are able to give you feedback or information in a quick, easy manner. To use surveys to improve customer service and make your customers feel valued, just add a survey or poll to your emails, but instead of simply linking them to a survey, it’s better for all if you add an interactive survey to your emails.

As an example, after each customer has made a purchase or used a service, you could send out an automated email with a survey embedded that asks ‘Were you happy with the service you received while shopping with us?’. If the respondent answers yes, the survey’s branching logic brings up another question asking ‘what did you like the most?’ and a multiple choice list of possible positive attributes, such as ‘fast delivery’, ‘great price’ etc. If they answer ‘no’, then a question asking ‘what didn’t you like?’ with a list of negative attributes such as ‘slow delivery’, too expensive’ etc appears for them to choose from.

As long as this is all mobile optimised, it is a fantastic way of garnering customer feedback while the purchase is still fresh in the customers’ minds. If feedback is negative, giving the customer an immediate outlet to express their grievances might prevent them from posting negative reviews online or on social media. It also shows your customers that you care, which is vitally important for customer retention.

So overall, adding a short survey or poll within your emails not only helps you gain valuable information and feedback about your service and products, but it also gives the customer a voice that makes them feel valued, while also increasing email open and click-through rates. All customers need to do is open your email and it’s all there. There’s no need to click through to another site, or switch to a PC to complete a survey.

Please click through to the second part of this article ‘Ways to Make Your Emails Pop Part 2’, or the 3rd section entitled ‘Even More Ways to Make Your Emails Pop’ to see the rest of this informative list. If you have any question in the meantime, or would like a demonstration of how Swift Digital’s Marketing Automation platform can help you add relevant, up-to-date interactive features and polls/surveys to your emails, chat to us on 1300 878 289 or click here.