When it comes to efficient reporting, minimising human error and ensuring data security, sharing is not caring. Find out why you should make sure each staff member with access to your Suite account has their own unique credentials.

Keep a record of everything a user purchases, edits and publishes.

Actions such as the purchasing of email or SMS credits for your account, the publishing of an email and the import of new subscribers to your Mail House are recorded for your account. These records also show who performed each action. This information is pulled directly from the individual details of the user. Naturally, if you have many staff members using the one account, it’s a little harder to find out which of the recorded actions were performed by who, and knowing such details can be imperative.

Delete old users who are no longer staff and avoid compromising your account security.

As part of any organisational ecosystem, staff come and go. When they go, it is in your best interest to ensure your account’s security and delete the user from your account. This is straightforward when every staff member has their own unique login, but what happens when ex-staff had previously logged into your account with a shared login? Your data security may be compromised, as the shared login cannot be deleted (as many other staff use it). It is a much simpler process when that ex-staff member had their own login and their access can be removed as soon as they’ve left.

Avoid unnecessary lockouts, unsubscribes, and user detail changes.

It’s not unusual for the support team to have users reporting undelivered emails, emails delivered as text only, or being locked out from their accounts. But more often than not, all of these issues are caused by sharing a login. Whilst one staff member may be test unsubscribing their login, another staff member on the same login will wonder why they’re not receiving any of their test publishes. Similarly, one staff member may have forgotten the password for the login and attempted multiple times unsuccessfully before locking themselves out. A locked login can only be unlocked by Swift Digital staff. This could waste the time of many other staff who also access Suite via the locked login.

If you’re an account administrator, you can create users from email addresses at any time. Log in and read this Knowledge Base article for a step-by-step. Having unique logins for each of your staff can save you time, stress and confusion in the long run.

So remember: if you care, don’t share.

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