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Many people implement event microsites as a simple way of streamlining the event information and registration process.

Promotions are a vital but often under-utilised element of a successful event. Event coordination and planning is an exercise in multitasking, and digital promotion strategies can fall by the wayside in the tumult of organising and running first-class events. Effective digital promotion strategies can ensure you meet your registration and attendance targets.

In this blog, we find out more about event microsites and their benefits, and 7 things you should consider to ensure you’re getting the most out of yours.

What are Event Microsites?

An event microsite is simply a webpage separate from your company site. It can function as the landing page for your specific event or event calendar. Event Microsites have an advantage over a full-service company website in that they have a single specific focus.

Although possible, creating a microsite just to improve your SEO is not usually recommended for a number of reasons.

  • Duplicate Content
  • Brand Segmentation
  • Link dilution
  • An overall waste of resources!

6 Tips For an Effective Event Microsite Strategy:

  • Consider setting up a subdomain or owning a domain address for your landing page.
  • Consider your site’s SEO, as it will improve your chances of expanding your registrant demographic.
  • Plan the long term shelf life of your microsite by ensuring that it is regularly updated with event information and relevant material/resources.
  • In fact, why not run your microsite full time? It can be one easy access point that both new and loyal registrants can check up on whatever events you’re running or plan to run.
  • Combine branding with the main company, design a logo for your event/s which is in line with your overall company branding. Design for replicable success, with templates that can be used across a number of events.
  • Running a plethora of events? Try embedding an event calendar which potential registrants can filter down in a search to find the events most relevant or local to them.

Improve your event planning with Automation Software

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