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As the marketing technique with the highest return on investment (ROI), marketers should ideally have fine-tuned their understanding of every facet of email marketing in 2019, but there are still many challenges that marketers have to face. This is primarily due to the dynamically changing technology that email platforms and marketing automation systems use to keep on top of the game.  We’ve put together a list of some of the primary email marketing challenges that we expect to see in 2019 and beyond, as well as some solutions to help anyone struggling with these problems…

Not understanding your audience

Having a comprehensive and personal knowledge of your audience allows you to relate to them and therefore, anticipate what type of marketing they want to see and when. Having this knowledge gives you one of the most effective ways of honing your email marketing, grabbing the attention of your readers for optimal results. The best way of discovering who your audience are and what they want is by using marketing automation and engagement scoring to personalise and segment your readers into specific groups.

  • Segmenting involves splitting your audience into different groups based on things like demographics (age, gender, marital status etc), location, purchase history, website behaviour, previous communications and other things, for the purpose of sending relevant material to each group based on their shared interests.
  • Personalising increases open rates by about 25% and involves using the information gleaned from segmenting and past engagements and using that to personalise email content and styles, as well as things like adding first names to emails and subject lines, emailing people on important milestones (birthdays, for instance) and ensuring all emails are replied to in a personalised way (i.e., no copy/paste responses).

By segmenting and personalising, you’ll create loyalty from your audience, which in turn equals increased revenue!

Not keeping current customers happy

Approximately 80% of sales come from only 20% of customers, which means that your best customers are those who come back again and again. Some marketers concentrate so much on reeling in new leads, they completely forget about the customers who are actually making them most of their money! The best way to keep customers engaged and nurtured is to use targeted emails and loyalty programs.

  • Targeted emails go beyond the welcome email and sales reminder emails. They are personalised and could include things targeted to regular purchasers like special vouchers or coupons, free shipping or exclusive sales discounts, early VIP access, rewards for sharing on social media etc.
  • Loyalty programs offer customers rewards for things like making purchases or engaging with your brand in other ways, such as referring their friends or leaving feedback. Rewards may be in the form of a discount of next purchase, reward points, special prices etc.

Choosing a tarnished server

If you have had any real marketing success, you’ll know that getting emails to the right customers at the right time is crucial. The problem is that many email providers – even the supposedly good ones – have developed a tarnished reputation due to them allowing spammers to use their servers along with everyone else. When this happens, the servers themselves take the fall for the spammer’s behaviour and every honest marketer using the same shared servers will be penalised with delayed email sending or even rejected/bounced emails.

If you don’t want to be punished for somebody else’s mistakes, it’s vitally important to choose a provider who maintains a server with a pristine reputation, like Swift Digital! We can assure you your emails will never be rejected due to servers with a low reputation score. Regardless of who you choose to send emails through, it’s always a good idea to keep a keen eye on your deliverability information so you can address any problems early on.

If you are able to keep these three marketing challenges under control in 2019, you’ll not only be solving existing problems, but you’ll be well on your way to being able to tackle the next set of challenges that pop up. Thankfully, all of these problems are easy to tackle with Swift Digital’s suite of tools, so give us a call on 1300 878 289 and we’ll show you how.