Great News! The Swift Digital Event app has undergone some much needed TLC. Over the holiday season, the Swift Digital Event app team have been working hard putting the finishing touches together for the Event app.
The upgrade to the app was actually rolled out as a soft launch (developer terminology!) back in 2018 but as we welcome in 2019 we have officially also welcomed in the new upgrade itself.
Let’s waste no more time in finding out what exactly has changed and what we can look forward to in 2019.

What is new in the Swift Digital Event App?

The team have worked on both changes to the aesthetics of the app as well as to the performance of the app itself.

After some good old fashioned brain storming regarding feedback from our many users as well as the Swift Digital staff, we have produced an app that not only looks great but also performs at its best. The changes that you are most likely to notice will be within the app’s interface. We have been working on implementing – on both the IOS and Android versions – a more slick design for an overall more improved user experience.

Enhanced Performance Metrics

Behind the scenes away from the glitz of the new interface we have also been working on improving the overall performance of the app. We have upgraded both IOS and Android so they now perform at impressive speeds. Let’s find out what exactly has been sped up!

You will notice that the event app home page now loads 80 times faster than the previous version and the loading of registrants is on average 9 times faster than previously. Pretty good!

A run-down of the User Interface changes

  1. The Home page has undergone a much needed revamp! You can now easily find the event listing in 3 tabs, grouped by – Today/Tomorrow/Upcoming, these can also be filtered by folders.
  2. We have removed all past event data from the home page as part of our de-cluttering process which makes it a lot easier and quicker to navigate to the event you are looking.
  3. Updates have been made to the filter screen which now clearly show what filters you currently have applied. Super useful! These can also be deleted and removed a lot more efficiently.
  4. When filtering your events, we now only show folders that have active events in them only. So, no more past events showing up when you choose to filter! Too Easy.
  5. Load bars have been added on the UI when data is being fetched from server.
  6. Last but not least, outstanding bugs and issues have been fixed including difficulty searching in the IOS app as well as speed increases for when you have a large number of registrants.
So, there it is, the new and improved Swift Digital Event app. Download yours today to see the changes.
If you require any further help with using the app, then feel free to contact out support team at



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