Creating and Fashioning buttons in Email Composer and Landing Pages is now live!

The Swift Digital team are committed to rolling out new features across the suite and this one is no exception. Without any delay we introduce to you the much anticipated Button enhancement!

The Button enhancement is available in the Composer and Landing Page module.  This new feature comes with extra flexibility around your button design and with also more control of your links. Let’s waste no more time and dive deeper into the Button enhancement’s new features.

What is new?

1. Button Links to External URLs'

Yes Yes Yes! You can now link your buttons to external URL’s including your website, registration forms, subscription centres and external landing pages. As part of this feature you can also link internally to your Swift Digital links including your Events, Surveys and other emails.

2. Button Design

The buttons enhancement now allows users to customise and design their own style of buttons in multiple different ways. You will now be able to adjust your border and shadows, your button shape as well as adjusting the colours and settings to suit your brand.

3. Customise Button Text

Last but not least! You now have more control and the ability to change the text that appears on your buttons. This is a great addition for bringing your CTAs’ to life. For example you create a CTA like “Register Now” or you can customise them to ensure your user reaches your end goal e.g. You want your user to enter their details to retrieve the white paper, you could use text such as “Download Paper”.

See how it works

Select the style of your buttons with these four options. Including adding shadow and block colour
Add external and internal URLs to your buttons
Align your button left, right and centre
Change the text of your button e.g. “Click here”, “Register Today!”

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