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Do you know one of the most common reasons your emails get marked as spam?

Your choice of words.

Loading up your emails with words that trigger spam filters can lead to wasted time, and effort. It’s important to familiarise yourself with the type of content that can get your emails flagged, or worse – blacklisted.

Worried about your emails ending up as spam?

In this weeks post we  are going to list some of the most commonly used spam words, so that you can ensure your email lands right at the top of your the audiences’ inbox.

What are currently the most common SPAM words in Emails?

At the bottom of this blog is a list of the most common spam words and phrases that are currently trending in 2018.

It is worth noting that this list is forever changing; words are being added and removed as we move through our daily lives.

Especially with the ever changing digital world, some words and phrases are becoming redundant and no longer as relevant anymore. These eventually begin to become less frequent in our communications. Email service provider (ESP) spam filters are constantly at work updating their database with the latest phrases and words that are considered highly spammy.

How to Avoid Using SPAM Words

Remember, this does not mean you cannot in any circumstances use the words below. It is ok to use these words in moderation, just don’t over do it in your emails.

“Chance to win today”, “Sign up for a chance of winning”, “Win yourself your dream holiday”.

This is the perfect example of where the term ‘win’ has been overused too much. This could cause your email to be marked as spam and cause you to fall head first into the junk folder.

A suggestion would be to para phrase these words, as well as use synonyms. This will allow you to create the same impact and communicate the same message but in a less spammy way.

Using the Swift Digital Suite to identify SPAM

The Swift Digital Marketing Automation software utilises a measuring tool that helps you identify whether your email has high spam content, and its likelihood of landing straight into the junk/spam folder of your recipient.

The spam measuring tool can be found in the publishing stage of the Swift Digital Email Composer module.

On the publishing page you will then see a measuring tool that will give you a spam score for your email.

This is a free tool that comes with the Swift Digital suite and is available in the Email Composer module. Go ahead, give it a go, make certain that you are going to be falling into the correct inbox, ensuring all eyes remain on you and your email communications.

spam words to avoid in your emails

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