These days, marketing firms are under substantial pressure to perform on a dime in an ever-advancing and highly competitive industry. Marketing commerce is generally where the budget gets stretched super thin, and while the budgets don’t always grow, the clients’ expectations certainly do. So, how do you do more without skimping on value? Prioritising the growth of your automated market operations is how!

Scaling your operations usually takes some highly structured and efficient coordination between teams, and major challenges will likely be encountered, such as managing resources, coordination from differing teams capable of priority management and scaling metrics in a process that doesn’t slow things to a halt. By scaling in this way, you can create a lean, agile marketing machine with a massive social presence and reach capabilities. This, in turn, will impress your customers and ignite business growth in a measurable way.

There are a few key factors in an efficient scaling process and the first of these is to confirm whether your current strategy and processes are able to be scaled in the first place! By trying to improve the ‘unscalable’, you will create needless complexity, hinder growth and bog down any progress from your team. A great way to determine this is to take an objective view by reverse engineering (i.e., scale back before scaling up then examine and scrutinise). All scaling efforts have one ultimate goal that every team member should always be focused on – a positive ROI. If this isn’t being consistently met, cut back on things that aren’t adding value.

Another key factor is to be aware of your current team’s capabilities – are they competent and able to handle any change in a project’s direction or a ramp-up in responsibility? It’s very important to streamline your staff’s workload and responsibilities and be certain the team has the fortitude to implement the changes effectively – If not, maybe consider additional staff. However, this needs to be implemented strategically and will work best if you’ve identified your current roster’s expertise and strengths, then hire to fill in any gaps. This is an extremely important and sometimes overlooked aspect but if you’re not feeling confident scaling with your current team, you can be guided by an experienced team – such as Swift Digital – who can help you carefully wade your brand through the murky waters of scaling.

Marketing automation is now a fundamental process of scaling, as it’s all about getting the right message to the right customer at the right time! This is a time where everything needs to be running like clockwork! As your marketing machine launches into a complex and highly analysed campaign, things can become quite difficult to manage and implement without serious experience. Your chances of succeeding are so much higher if you have access to a team of highly skilled and efficient marketers, who themselves need to have access to some advanced tech to track, optimise and analyse everything. The data of any campaign is vast, technical and overwhelming to anyone that’s a novice or even intermediate in the field of data acquisition, but at Swift Digital, we are fluid in our approach, keeping up with cutting-edge marketing operations while consistently attaining a vast knowledge base. We are experts in scaling marketing automation and have the ability to market anything of value – be that a physical product, service or content – so contact Swift Digital today on 02 9929 7001 and let us guide you.