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The Swift Digital team, last week attended their second Criterion conference in Australia’s capital Canberra, to present at the exclusive Public Sector Strategic Communications & Engagement Event held at the Rex Hotel. The event was attended by a number by Government and public sector employees and associates working across marketing, event and communications teams who all came together for two days to gain insight into the emerging trends in their industry and how to best approach them.

Ryan Harris, Creative Director of Swift Digital, stepped in for Paul Hodgson last minute, due to Paul having no voice (!) and presented on a key topic that is current within the Government and public sector at the moment.

Strategies for creating dynamic engaging content for increasing measurable stakeholder engagement.

It was a fantastic couple of days, thank you to everybody who attended and who made the time to have a chat with the Swift Digital team. If you didn’t get time to meet the Swift Digital team or would like to discuss the Swift Digital platform and its features and then feel free contact our team on 02 9929 7001.