In 2018, information was everything – and that makes data collection one of the core strategies of any business looking to thrive, and scale.

Conducting online surveys gives your business access to a huge diversity of data – the only limitations are the audience reached, and the questions asked.

What can online surveys do for your business?

They can give you insights into the way your leads tick, into what makes your customers go through with repeat purchases, and can help to illuminate possible avenues for new products, services, and previously unidentified markets.

The responses collected from surveys can help you start new relationships, nurture existing ones, and give you an edge in informing a future strategy that will better reach your brand’s goals.

Online surveys can also be conducted internally, helping you to automate previously labour-intensive, manual processes when it comes to getting the information, or feedback you need from staff, clients, and other audiences.

You can simplify data collection no matter its purpose, by creating and publishing online surveys – which these days, when using a sleek marketing automation platform, is literally as easy as a few clicks.

Online survey examples for your business

Get Feedback after a Transaction


A great time to get insight into your target customer demographic is right after a transaction.

Your brand is fresh in their minds, they’ve obviously warmed up to you, and will be more willing to engage in further relations with your business.

Asking for feedback after a transaction will also be valuable to a fresh customer. They’ll see your request for feedback as proper engagement with their opinions, values and ideas – and from your end, you’ll receive invaluable data that helps you better understand why customers convert and make purchases.

Make sure your Sales Transaction Feedback survey is short and sweet, and make sure that you give the option for anonymity if you ask for more in-depth opinions.

To remain relevant and not break that smooth seamless experience you’ve got going with your new customer, make sure that you send your survey notification via email soon after they make their purchase (setting up automated Trigger Emails is great for this), and ensure that the questions in your survey relate to the product or service purchased.

Find Out More about Employee Satisfaction




Gauging satisfaction among your staff can be difficult when done face to face, and one on one. The great thing about surveys is that they can be totally anonymous – giving your business the chance to receive honest feedback and information.

Ask everything you need to know about how your employees feel about working with your business, and ask what can be improved or changed.

Use rating style questions to make filling out this survey a breeze for your busy, under-pressure staff.

Make sure to include some essay style response questions that are optional, to allow those employees with more to say to unburden themselves a bit!

Make sure you either make personal details optional or make the survey anonymous by default.

Get Feedback on Your Events and Webinars

Besides marking attendance, how else does your business measure the success of their events, webinars, and other real-life meetings?

With a Post-Event Feedback Survey of course!

Properly analyse the success of your event by comparing your event’s goals against the feedback from your attendees.

Make sure to send your survey notification email to your attendees only (this means targeting only those that are marked as attended, versus your entire invite list – your Marketing Automation software should give you targeted mail lists to make this easy). Also, ensure that your survey reminder email is sent as a “Thank you for attending” campaign which is sent in a timely manner.

Your attendees would have recently spent plenty of energy socialising at your event, and engaging with your brand face-to-face – this means they might de-prioritise filling out your feedback form.

You can maximise feedback by further incentivising survey completion. Set up an automated email that’s triggered by a survey submission, let your attendees know that upon parting with their feedback they’ll receive vouchers, or educational whitepapers, or other special goodies via email.

Conduct Market Research

Looking to grow your business, but aren’t exactly sure on what your brand’s place is in this fast-paced market? Then collect data.

It’s the information age after all, and if you’re looking to scale, then you need directions – and data will help you plot out the map to new product and service avenues, and brand new audiences ripe for conversion.

Market Research is most valuable when collected amongst a diverse pool of participants. This is so you get a more rounded view of your target demographic, and find out other unforeseen ways your business can improve.

That means you need to get as much traffic to your survey as possible. Whilst the questions you include in your Market Research are of the utmost importance, so too is your inbound marketing strategy for ensuring enough information passes through your survey.

The most obvious way to attract survey participants is to offer them value in return.

Is your brand a thought leader on a niche topic? Then consider gate-keeping informative e-books and whitepapers using your Market Research survey. For example, “Download our ‘How to build a website’ e-book by answering these few questions”.

Market Research data should be detailed, without requesting too much time from your survey participants.

Try being creative with the question styles and types you include in your survey. For example, multiple choice questions, drop down menus and check boxes which allow for multiple selections. Using a variety of question types helps to ensure that your Market Research data is diverse enough and detailed enough to be useful – without wasting your participants’ time.

Online Surveys Gives your Business the Data it Needs to Grow

A wealth of data paints a full picture. Data can be used to predict trends, see otherwise hidden opportunities, and helps to lift target demographics out of the fog of anonymity. If you want your business to deliver better results, then conducting online surveys to collect important information is a must.

Consider using online surveys to get all your brand’s burning questions answered, and reap the benefits of insightful data.

Want help with conducting online surveys and linking them up with automated email campaigns? Get in contact with our helpful staff here at Swift Digital.