What Will Marketing Automation Look Like in the Future?

As we finish off the end of 2018 (wow!) and head full force into 2019, the advancements in the tech industry have been miraculous, with most people involved in the Fintech movement now considering it the technological era. Just like the industrial revolution, we are moving forward at an astonishing rate! With the advancements in Blockchain and the new tech changing the way our ‘Internet of Things’ works, the tech sector is set to reach lighting speeds, and if you’re going to keep up in marketing, it’s time to learn.

The role of marketing automation is to give marketers a better, easier and more precise way to manage their customer relations. This occurs by automating and personalising particular areas like email, social posts and generalised drip campaigns but is a much more involved and in-depth process than other marketing strategies. The ideal marketing automation approach is to focus on the user’s needs, guiding them though your sales funnel in a natural yet efficient way. This occurs by collecting specific data across several channels on how users interact with your brand. By doing this, it means you can utilise the data to deliver the right content to the right consumer at the right time.

Social Media and its Automated Future

Social media is the bane of some and the life-blood of others, but the truth of the matter is that if you’re not engaging on several of the social platforms, you’re missing out. It’s like sitting outside the gate at a circus and expecting people to engage with you, rather than at the place they can see everything! Social media offers a huge opportunity to meet your consumers in their natural habitat, without a bias. The list of social platforms available to businesses grows everyday and the industry of exciting, cutting edge tools available for automated marketing is in exponential growth. The best automated social media platforms help you grow your accounts naturally and organically with apps that allow targeted audience filters based on data input. The progression of new tech in this field is staggering; particularly in the new and exciting field of Blockchain, which can be coded to hold massive amounts of data that is un-manipulated, accessible and scalable.

The Future Looks Bright!

Even now, some of the big players in AI marketing have some of our future mapped out. With some of the wearable devices serving ads based on your location and personal preference, this is the future of automated marketing. Phones, glasses, wearables and one day even implants will be designed to serve advertisements that will reflect on your purchase history, predicted choices, mood, location and so much more. With data ledgers now already intertwined throughout the web, we are going to get to a point where your entire persona is data. If you’ve seen the hit movie ‘Ready Player One’ this is where we are heading; whereby your life is VR and the more data personalised the better your experiences will be. Either way, companies have already started paying for your data and this will only increase. At the moment, a lot of the design behind these advancements are still in whitepaper stages, but very soon, one will break through and become the Google of data.

The concepts mentioned within this article are extremely important to contemporary marketers and it’s a fascinating topic that could almost be written into a new cinematic sci-fi hit! The exciting part is the movies we are now amazed by will soon be reality, but to be at the forefront will take time, energy and investment in the knowledge of your brand’s or company’s automated marketing strategies.