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by Maxine Lines, Digital Content & Support

Do you find yourself marking attendance on paper and transferring that information back to your event management software (or spreadsheet!) long after the event has ended? The Swift Events app is the perfect tool for marking attendance and registering walk-ins on the day. And since we’ve just updated it, it seems like the perfect time for an introduction.

  • If your tickets have QR codes, you can mark attendance with the built-in QR code scanner. The scanner will recognise different registration statuses, such as those who are already marked as attended, those who have cancelled, those who have been deleted, those who have registered for a different event, and paid and unpaid registrants. No QR code? No worries, the smart search will whisk through your registration list as you type in the name.
  • Your events are sorted into folders, and you can adjust the time frame for the display list as tickles your fancy. Start and finish times are listed for each event, making it easy to distinguish between sessions occurring on the same day.

The registrant list indicates whether each registrant has paid or not, and you can print name labels or mark attendance with a simple tap of the appropriate icon.

The event and registrant lists are equipped with the oh-so-handy ‘pull to refresh’ feature that you know and love from other apps. Simply pull down on the page to get the most up-to-date lists.

Current users – download the Swift Events app and take a peek at this Knowledge Base guide to get you started!

If you’d like to learn more about the Swift Digital event management platform and the Swift Events app, request a demo today.

To find out how your business can get the best out of Swift Digital’s platform, contact our Sales Team today on 02 9929 7001.  You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, or subscribe to the newsletter.

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