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When planning events, many organisers get so focused on the actual event they neglect the process that gets attendees through the door. Event success is determined on the entirety of the attendee experience, from the moment they receive an invitation, to the time they arrive.

It’s no wonder then that event management automation has enjoyed a rapid increase in popularity, improving the experience for both organisers and attendees. We’ve put together a list of key ways event automation can help you create a seamless attendee experience, and stress free execution.

Personalised Invitations, save the dates and reminders

The beauty of automation is it’s now actually easier to create personalised content to connect with your target audience. Make a great first impression and create automated invitations, followed by customised save the dates, reminders and newsletters once they have registered or returned an RSVP. Making a personalised connection with your audience creates a feeling of exclusivity, and improves attendance rates.

Online registration, ticketing and receipts

The days of cumbersome purchasing processes are behind us, or at least they should be. It’s surprising how many event organisers neglect to think of the user experience during the purchasing process. Ensuring your customer has a smooth transition from making a purchasing decision, to receiving their ticket, and any follow up event information gives a great first impression, and reassures the attendee your event logistics have been well thought out.

On the day logistics

Whether its creating integrated mobile apps for large events, or a simple name label printing, making on the day logistics as simple as possible minimises the risk of your event appearing disorganised, and improves attendee experience satisfaction. Whether you take advantage of automated SMS notifications for real time event updates and reminders, or use automated bar codes for seamless ticketing, effective automation can dramatically increase the efficiency of your event management.

After the event

Your event doesn’t end when the attendees leave. Make a great event even more memorable with personalised follow up emails, surveys and call to actions for your attendees to sign up for your next event. Striking while the iron is hot is vital, and with so many logistics, reporting and supplier/partner follow ups to take care of it’s easy to let the customer interaction fall by the wayside after your event. By preparing your automation you can go into your pack down phase knowing your customers will get a well thought out follow up, increasing satisfaction and creating leads for future events.

There is a huge variety of ways automation can help you create a branded event like no other. Explore how Swift Digital can help you create a professional and creative automation strategy to make your next event a success.

Have you implemented an Event Marketing plan into your campaign? Here at Swift Digital, we can help you create the perfect event management campaign packed with the right features to make it a success!

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