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Why Conduct an Internal Communication Survey?

Employees are most productive when they understand how their work fits into the company’s larger goals. Developing an internal communications strategy that is in line with the culture of your company is an important step toward a more engaged and productive workplace.

Before committing too many resources to new communication efforts, it’s best to survey employees to gauge what aspects of the company’s communication are working well or poorly. After all, your employees are the stakeholders in this process, and it’s always best to get stakeholder input before such a major undertaking.

As an added incentive, just conducting communication surveys is enough to improve employee morale and productivity. According to a 2017 Salesforce survey, feeling heard was enough to make employees 4.6 times more likely to feel empowered to do their best work.

Internal Comms Strategy Template

When it comes to executing your internal communications campaign, an Internal Communications Strategy brief is a must-have.

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Tips For Conducting an Internal Communications Survey

  • Keep the survey short and stick to terminology that your employees will understand. The survey should take no more than 10 minutes to complete, and it should have fewer than 20 questions.
  • Use a focus group of employees to vet your survey before sending it to everyone. The goal of these focus groups is to ensure the clarity of the employee survey questions.
  • Keep it anonymous so employees feel free to voice any issues or concerns without fear of retribution. Be sure to advertise this anonymity when sending out the survey.
  • Follow through on suggestions or problem areas identified in the survey. Employee engagement levels are improved when people feel they are being listened to, but employees will feel betrayed if you survey them only to ignore their opinions and feedback.

30 Internal Communication Survey Questions

Questions About Information Flow

This section is about the overall and quantity of information your employees are receiving and the communication channels being used to convey that information. You want to ensure that everyone in the company is receiving the news they need on time via channels that they are comfortable using.

  1. Do you get the information you need when you need it?
  2. How would you rate your awareness of the company’s goals?
  3. Do you know how your work helps the company meet its goals and objectives?
  4. How do you typically get information about the company?
  5. How would you prefer to get information about the company?
  6. How would you rate your direct manager’s efforts to keep you informed?
  7. Does the organisation provide adequate information about your progress in your job?
  8. Does the organisation provide adequate information about its policies and goals?
  9. Does the organisation provide adequate information about critical changes?
  10. How can our company improve communications?
  11. What company communication pathway do you find to be the most ineffective?
  12. How well are you informed about how our company is performing?

Questions About Organisational Transparency

Companies typically focus their social media efforts toward the outside world, but social media is one of the most overlooked internal communication best practices. It can be a great way to keep employees connected and to communicate updates and recognition.

These questions aim to determine the level of employee satisfaction with the company’s internal social media efforts.

  1. Does the organisation’s internal use of social media improve communication between you and your colleagues?
  2. Does the company’s internal use of social media give you a sense of belonging and community?
  3. Does the organisation’s internal use of social media give you a way to influence the company?

Questions About Social Media

To ensure you are able to communicate effectively it is best practice for your internal communications strategy to have a tool that will work for you and your internal communications objectives. Different tools work effectively for different mediums and organisations. 

Below we have highlighted the top 3 tools that are used for internal communications.

Marketing Automation – If you are looking to find out who has actually engaged with your communications, then marketing automation would be an ideal tool to use. You can use it to send newsletters and emails internally and monitor open rates within your organisation as well as monitor engagement rates. 

Video – Video is a great way for organisations to get the message across quickly and in a more digestible way than reading. Video statistics can provide insight into viewing rates.

Intranet – Lots of larger companies use intranets to broadcast important messages and information. It is a central source that everybody has access to and can view at their leisure.

Questions About Recognition

These questions should focus on whether the employee feels that their work and the work of their peers is recognized by managers, leaders, team members, and the company as a whole.

  1. Do you feel valued in the workplace?
  2. How well does our company culture drive your engagement in your work?
  3. Have you received recognition from a manager in the past two weeks?
  4. Does our organisation do a good job of promoting recognition in the workplace?
  5. How well are you recognized for your great work?

Questions About Feedback

As mentioned in the tips above, employees need to feel that their feedback is taken seriously. These questions ascertain whether they feel there is any point is in raising problems and concerns to leadership.

  1. Do you feel that the company takes your concerns and feedback seriously?
  2. How would you rate our organisation’s actions on your previous feedback?
  3. Do you see any positive change since we started collecting employee feedback?

Planning Your Internal Communications

Do you need help with the creation and automation of your internal communications? Here at Swift Digital, we can help get you started with our useful internal communications template. We also have tips on internal communications best practices and a bunch of internal communication examples to help make your internal communication campaign success.

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