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by Maxine Lines, Content Creator & Support Team Leader

No one likes to find spam in their inbox. It’s irritating, unsightly, and can even be unsafe. While spam filters do a great job of keeping our inboxes squeaky clean, email marketers need to ensure that none of their messages are being inadvertently caught in the filtering process.

Avoid the dreaded spam filter and make sure your emails are hitting the inbox every time with these tips for improved email deliverability.

Add alternative text to images with alt tags.
Spam filters don’t see images in emails, so they can’t differentiate between a big, spammy image, and your gorgeous hero photo. By adding alternative text, you let the filter know what’s going on in the blank space it reads as the image. Adding alt tags is nice and easy in a WYSIWYG editor, even without any HTML experience.

Don’t paste from Microsoft Office.
That means no pasting from Word, Excel, Powerpoint, or Outlook! All kinds of web-unfriendly formatting code will be carried over into your document, which can look very odd to a spam filter. Instead, paste as plain text to ensure that all formatting is stripped from your content, before adding styling via the content editor.

Increase the authenticity of your emails.
While sincerity in your content will certainly keep your recipients happy, spam filters are more interested in authenticating the domain you’re sending the email from. One of the main authentication processes is DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM). DKIM assures the spam filter of your sender identity, and allows the broadcaster to digitally sign the email on your behalf. (DKIM can be set up for your Suite account at no cost. Get in touch!)

Avoid “spammy” content.
This includes SUBJECT LINES IN ALL CAPS; excessive use of punctuation marks; phrases like “Open now”, “act immediately”, or “limited time”; references to money, debts, casinos, luxury items (think Rolex or Louis Vuitton) at great prices, Viagra, or coupons.

Remain Spam Act compliant at all times.
By default, all Swift Digital email templates will be set up with an unsubscribe link. For more information on the Spam Act, and the steps to take to maintain compliance, click here.

Email marketing is not a one size fits all technique. It takes proper planning and review in order to be successful and achieve the desired outcomes for your business.  Swift Digital can help you create the ideal automation strategy to make your next email marketing campaign a success!

To find out how your business can get the best out of Swift Digital’s platform, contact our Sales Team today on 02 9929 7001.

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