When your company or organisation builds a relationship with a customer with the end goal to develop brand awareness and loyalty, that’s customer engagement. Because it costs more to acquire new customers than it does to keep current ones, it’s important to keep track of how engaged your customers are.

A customer engagement score is a single metric that is used to measure how engaged your customers are. Here’s how you can use this score to benefit your business and keep your customers plugged into your brand.

Identify Your Customers

Demographics and length of brand engagement: Learn who your customers are—what makes them tick, why they buy, and what their other interests are. Find out which customers are new to your brand, and which ones have remained loyal over the years. Each group may have different needs and require varied approaches to keep them engaged.

Improve your documentation: Find a better way to track your customers’ identity and their engagement with your products and services. The best way to do that is with a customer engagement score. Armed with that information, you can measure the impact of your marketing programs to see which strategies most effectively brought new customers on board, which ones better engaged current customers, and which ones delivered more successes across the board.

Compare results: If, for example, you wanted to compare two marketing strategies to see which one yielded more engagement, customer engagement scores will enable you to measure the difference. You can also measure customer engagement over time—how fast your customer engagement score rises or falls in the first few months after they come on board. In addition, you can compare customer engagement trends for purchases they made before and after a change in marketing strategy.

Identify Problems

Diagnose issues and find solutions: With a customer engagement score, you can sort through the data to identify problems, diagnose what has caused the problem, and find a way to conquer the challenge.

Determine the effectiveness of your customer support team: A customer engagement score can show you how well your customer support team engages your customers. Even more important, it can show you what kind of training your customer support team needs to do its job more effectively.

Improve Your Customer Engagement Data’s Reliability

Actions, not solicited opinions: A customer engagement score will give you more information than a simple survey. It measures actions, as opposed to surveys, which measure how a customer responds to questions you ask. Customer engagement scores gauge a customer’s interest by how often he or she interacts with the company and how positive those interactions are.

Customer engagement scores can vary by purpose: With customer engagement scores, you can vary the criteria they measure. For instance, if you wanted to measure the effectiveness of a free trial of your product versus a promotional gear giveaway, you can do that with one customer engagement score. Unlike surveys or other measurement tools, though, you can take the same group of customers and create another customer engagement score to measure how well your Facebook page does versus your email campaign in boosting customer engagement. There is no limit to what specifics you can measure using customer engagement scores.

Engagement scoring can help you target various subgroups of customers: With engagement scores, you can tailor each measurement to a particular segment of your customer base. You can measure how well a campaign does with millennials, for instance, and create another score to figure out how the same strategy fares with seniors. Targeting each group helps you save time and money, since you can identify where you can best spend your marketing dollars with each segment of your customer base.

Implement Engagement Scoring and See the Difference

Have you implemented engagement scoring in the way you do business? If not, now’s the time to act. Today’s business world demands a better way to gauge how well your business does with those who need it best. Try engagement scoring—and see the difference for yourself.

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