Marketing automation is hugely beneficial in so many ways. The software allows you to automatically execute mundane marketing actions (drip emails, social media posts and so much more), deliver timely and relevant content that’s personalised to your customers, helps you make the most of your CRM, creates consistency and gives you access to the most important data in real time. Like all forms of marketing though, there are good and bad practices and marketing automation is no exception to the rules; however, it is truly up to the user whether automated marketing will be a good, bad or ugly system for them.

One of the major aspects of marketing automation that seems to be overlooked by countless brands and marketers is customer engagement. Many of the current experts in marketing promise to drive customers to your website and they often can do this; however, most fail miserably when it comes to customer retention, which is a much more important factor in brand recognition, company growth and exponential scaling.

According to the current studies, customers who buy from a brand more than once are almost 85% more likely to continue to purchase your product/service continually. In layman’s terms, one customer certainly doesn’t mean one sale – a loyal customer is worth tenfold! Companies like Apple, Tesla and Amazon (which, by the way, is owned by Jeff Bezos – the richest man in the world!) all understand this key factor. It is literally the only way to scale in the long term, and customers who feel engaged and ‘heard’ can and will become loyal and loud promoters! So while marketing automation and sales funnels are an unparalleled boon, they can quickly become an ugly version of your company if allowed to run freely and un-nurtured.

Similarly, another mistake that’s committed just as much, if not more, than the aforementioned is mass and untargeted email messages. This is a super-fast way to lose customer retention, and any engagement you’ve managed to gain will be gone with the wind. It’s simply a death toll to an aspect of marketing that – if used properly – can generate a huge and very measurable company sustainability. In other words DO NOT send bulk emails to entire customer lists; instead, send specific, targeted and personalised emails. Third and forth time buyers are the most important, so a LOT of thought needs to go into this area. Offers, discounts, sales and everything but the kitchen sink needs to be offered to these customers – they are your business!

Another negative fault that can transpire with marketing automation occurs when a marketing campaign just automates everything without integrating current company goals/values into their campaign. This will obviously have a very bad outcome for everyone involved, and almost always comes from laziness or complete incompetence, because there’s really no other excuse! Make sure you have a clear and distinct direction for your brand before giving the go-ahead on any market automation campaign. Alternatively, the best practice is to employ or seek guidance from a company that knows what they are doing!

Equally as important is the current climate – you need to move and change with the times. Something that worked well 2 years ago will more than likely have become outdated with today’s consumers, but overlooking this is a mistake we see a lot of ‘experts’ make. It’s like a comedian doing the same act from 10 years ago – the relevance is lost and it makes you look old-fashioned (in a bad way) and even unprofessional in your approach, which is something consumers can smell a mile away.

There are definitely a few more mistakes that can be made with automated marketing, but as you can see, it’s completely user-guided. It’s certainly wise to employ the services of a company that understands the primary factors for longevity and exponential scaling of your brand, all while keeping customers faithful to your brand. Our team at Swift Digital, are experts at customer acquisition and sensational at customer retention, so contact us today on 02 9929 7001 for a chat.