We’ve explored the huge number of ways to turn your emails from standard fare into a wondrous feast for the eyes and hands by making them interactive. This is the third part of the list, continuing on from ‘Ways to Make Your Emails Pop Part 1’ and ‘Ways to Make Your Emails Pop Part 2’.

Add Maps

Like the videos we mentioned in the previous article, you can also embed maps right into your email to make it easier for the customer to find your locations or the locations of events. Again, customers appreciate embedded features as it’s easier and simply saves them time.

Add GIFs or Interactive Photos

No, GIFs and interactive photos are not the same thing. A GIF (actually pronounced ‘jiff’ and standing for ‘graphics interchange format’) is somewhere between a photo and a video, but is neither. It’s a small, soundless snippet of a video that loops indefinitely and is usually a second or so in length. You’ve almost definitely seen them as memes on social media, forums and similar, but they are finally becoming big in advertising. Interactive photos or images, on the other hand, are images that are not animated, bit allow interaction with them in some way. An example would be an image of a number or clothing articles that give you he price of each article when you click on them, or an image that changes into an information panel when clicked on. There are many more examples – too many to list here – so it’s a good idea to research this if you’re interested.

Both of these stand out and strongly catch the attention of your readers. They are fairly simple but they look great and they are a great way of adding feeling to an email. Adding interactive photos gives your customers a huge opportunity for interacting and they also allow you to add a lot of information into a small email.

Email Live Shopping Carts

You’re likely familiar with checkout reminders that you receive when you don’t complete a purchase at an online store, but did you know you can actually email live shopping carts to your customers? These emails show the customer what they have in their carts, but they also allow them to change item quantities, add coupons, add their address and payment details and even add new products from a short list of cross-sell items – all within their email! Amazing, isn’t it?

A great option for this is to also add a discount to the overall order, as price is frequently a barrier to completing checkout. This is a fantastic method of improving checkout page conversions and winning back customers who would not have bought if you hadn’t made it super easy and more affordable for them.

Include an Add To Calendar Option

If you’re promoting an event, online promotion or similar, or you’re a service provider who takes appointments, it’s a great idea to give your readers the option of saving a date or time to their calendars. This sounds like such an easy thing to do to increase interactivity and it is, but it’s also something that customers really value. It not only makes their lives easier as they don’t need to manually add the date to their calendars, but it also actually reminds them when your event/appointment is, which increases the chance that they’ll attend.

All of the ideas in our list offer such easy ways to enhance your reader’s experience and increase interest, but just remember that you’ll need to ensure all of your emails are mobile optimised, as around 50% of emails are first opened on mobile phone and 2/3 of these will be deleted if they are not optimised for mobile! You might have an amazing message, interactive content and fantastic presentation in your emails, but all of that will be wasted if mobile and tablet users delete your email because they can’t read it!

As you can see in this mega-list that spans three articles (this one, plus  ‘Ways to Make Your Emails Pop Part 1’ and ‘Ways to Make Your Emails Pop Part 2’) email is still such an effective marketing strategy and there’s absolutely no reason you need to see your results dip due to reader boredom. Give the friendly team at Swift Digital a call today on 1300 878 289 for a chat about what our platform can do to improve your email marketing, or click here for a free demo!