There’s no doubt that marketing automation is the best tool known today to improve your marketing results, but like most things, this is only true if the person using it has some understanding of what it takes to be a great marketer. If they don’t, simple mistakes will be made and the synergistic properties of automation and engagement will not be properly balanced, resulting in either a robotic, spammy response from your company or a failure of the whole process.

Thankfully, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to do well with marketing automation platforms, as they are usually designed to be extremely user-friendly. To help you along the way though, we’ve compiled 4 mistakes that are frequently made and how to avoid them…

Your messages have become spammy

In the (thankfully) distant past, marketers were taught that any publicity is good publicity, so some old school adherents think that more emails = success. It’s difficult for marketers to not get over-excited and accidentally spam their readers when they first begin using marketing automation. It’s just so easy to bulk send emails to your audience, but sending them too often or to the wrong groups can quickly turn away the masses.

Solution: Just because you can do something, it doesn’t mean you should! Avoid the temptation of too many emails and really think about the benefits marketing automation offers you (i.e., the ability to send personalised, relevant emails to the right people at the right time).

You’re a robot!

Because marketing automation saves so much time, some marketers fall into the trap of believing that they can put less time into composing their communications too. They may also get too wrapped up in the features included with their marketing automation suite (adding images, buttons, maps, social media links etc), so may add too many of these and too little text.

Solution: Put effort into every single communication to make sure they are personalised and empathetic. Don’t ever forget that your recipients aren’t just numbers – they are humans and they expect to hear from humans too. In fact, the click-through rate of personalised emails is 2.5 times higher than those that look like they have been copy/pasted, so don’t ever skimp on this step.

You’re neglecting your existing customers

Many marketers are so focussed on gaining new customers that they end up neglecting their existing customers. Existing customers are worth their weight in gold, so it’s a foolish mistake to abandon them.

Solution: Make sure you nurture your existing customer relationships with automated journeys. Feedback surveys sent around 60 to 90 days after a purchase is made is a great way of discovering new opportunities to improve your services.

You aren’t using data

You may have taken the time to set up and implement tracking software and now have a bounty of customer data at your disposal, but what are you doing with it?

Solution: Segment your data into groups, then personalise your communications and marketing strategies. There are so many opportunities available to marketers who take the time to segment data in as many ways as possible, so be sure to review your customer data regularly to look for opportunities.

Of course, there are many more mistakes that can be made, but our marketing automation platform makes things so easy and intuitive that you’ll be unlikely to fall into the trap of making them. If you’d like to see for yourself just how easy and foolproof our platform is, contact us on 1300 878 289 or click here for a free demo today.