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by Kim Le

In any organisation, employee engagement and morale are inextricably linked. In order to keep an employee motivated and involved in the company, it is important to keep them informed on performance, upcoming plans, other teams’ activities, etc. So, the key idea is to keep the organisation and the employees together in complete sync.

An internal newsletter is the best communication tool that not only sends out relevant information regarding the organisation, but also unites different teams, departments and divisions. With the help of an effective internal newsletter, the employees can keep themselves updated and informed. In precise words, an internal newsletter for the employees is a great way of breaking down silos within an organisation by allowing the employees from distinct departments/divisions to share their activities and news.

The primary idea behind the concept of sending internal email newsletters is:

  • To inform the employees at all levels of the organisation
  • To reduce email workload (in terms of both sending and receiving)
  • To act as a supplement to other forms of information within the organisation

A successful internal e-newsletter should be a perfect blend of engaging, fun and social content, with emphasis on company news, insights and other information.

  • The newsletter should contain information of substance. The length of the newsletter should be just appropriate for the readers to be able to extract and retain enough information; the employees already are bombarded with lots of information from their own departments/managers, so keep it brief but highly informative.
  • An internal email newsletter should have a well-defined structure and information flow. A commonly followed structure includes:
    • Intro: In this section, the writer may discuss frequently asked questions, or share reviews on surveys, product/service customer reviews, etc.
    • Objectives laid down by the various departments, in addition to their accomplishments, may be discussed so as to keep the employees informed and motivated.
    • The new products/services that the organisation plans to introduce may be discussed. Also, if recently, there has been a launch of a new product or service, then, the customer reviews may be discussed so that every employee, from top to bottom, is well informed. This helps employees retain interest in the organisation and ultimately in their job.
    • The writer may share the overall goals and vision that the organisation plans to implement. Such information keeps employees and employers in sync.
  • To make the newsletter truly worth reading and effective, some useful ideas related to newsletter content may include:
    • Competitor updates
    • Information on benefit plans
    • Current and future wellness programs
    • Updated survey results and statistics
    • Product updates and developments
    • Customer review on existing and new products
    • Innovation in the niche industry
    • Performance updates of employees from various departments
    • Bad news that the employees have the right to know about
    • Promotion and review of employee social events
    • Health column for employees (a personal touch always adds value to the content)
    • Fun events and competitions

An internal e-newsletter may have a formal or a casual tone. In fact, in addition to the business content, creating fun content works great in dispelling the monotony, and doesn’t make the newsletter ‘overly preachy’ or loaded with information.

Internal email newsletters shouldn’t be taken for granted and should be carefully and thoughtfully drafted so as to be impactful and digestible. Information, when gathered and compiled from various departments and teams and put together in a structured and creative way, enables internal employees to have a positive perspective, spirit of teamwork, inspiration and a sense of belonging for the organisation.

And now the good part. As a human resources manager, you can use the newsletter metrics to track your employee engagment levels. Are your employees opening and clicking? Track the metrics and then discover what those reports have to tell you about your content.

If you are concerned about keeping your internal e-newsletter for employee eyes only, be sure to watch out for an upcoming blog post about keeping internal newsletters secure and private.

Do you send an internal e-newsletter? What do your employees like to read?

Email marketing is not a one size fits all technique. It takes proper planning and review in order to be successful and achieve the desired outcomes for your business.  Swift Digital can help you create the ideal automation strategy to make your next email marketing campaign a success!

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