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Testing your emails (Email Testing) will ultimately help you highlight and fix any issues prior to the big send, helping to avoid the unwanted #FailMail. This month we explain the best way to test your documents using the SD suite as well as some tips on creating an email checklist

The importance of testing emails

First for the lecture. We’ll make it quick. A small mistake like a typo, a broken link or a wrongly directed CTA could potentially cause an effect to your ROI, a loss of subscribers or simply just a red face. Either way, it isn’t a good look for your campaign.
The good news is, testing your emails can help avoid and limit these mishaps. Running various tests across your emails is definitely worth it and may help save face or help you identify the error so it doesn’t happen again.

Take a look at the Top 10 email clients as of March 2018

Gmail (22%)
Apple iPad (10%)
Apple Mail (8%)
Outlook (7%) 
Samsung Mail (4%) (4%)
Yahoo! Mail (3%)
Google Android (3%)
Windows Live Mail (1%)

Nearly all of the major players in email will display your HTML slightly differently, this is because each email client has been coded in its own bespoke and unique way, which means they also interpret HTML in different ways.
This interpretation can cause some of your emails to look a little skew whiff in various email clients and perfect in others. For example, you may acquire some unwanted white space in Outlook but in Gmail is looking pixel perfect.

Some quick tips to consider when testing your emails

  • Cross test across mobile and desktop.
  • Cross test across different mobile devices; iPhone, Android, Windows etc.
  • Cross test across email clients; Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail etc.
  • Create email addresses in different email clients, then send to yourself to check they are rendering correctly.
  • Alternatively, to the above; consider using some testing software programmes for assistance in cross testing. The ones we use in house include Email on Acid and Litmus
  • Check punctuation, grammar and spelling – try reading your content in reverse!
  • Check for broken links – Test by clicking them all, do they take you to the correct destination?
  • Send test emails to a couple of your colleagues or friends as a second pair of eyes.

How do I test my emails using the SD suite?

So you have built your email. What next? Test. To do this in the SD suite, follow the simple steps below:

Step 1: Firstly, in the composer module, save your document using the save button

Green save button in the suite

Step 2: Secondly, again, in the composer module, click the button with the “test tube” icon to test your document.

Email testing using the blue test button

Step 3: Enter in the email address that you would like to have the test email sent to and then hit ‘Send’.

Email testing with your email address

And that’s all folks!

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