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We are two decades into the millennium, and the rapidly changing world we are living in, which does not exclude the world of email marketing is here to stay for a while at least. With the rise of automation coupled with AI, email marketing is now perhaps the most effective marketing channel in today’s hyper-connected world.

We have put together 7 email marketing tips for success in 2022.

Email marketing has an incredible ROI rate of 4400%, that means for every $1 spent on email marketing – $44 is made.

How will your brand make the best of email marketing in 2022? What current trends do you need to stay on top of in order to keep your strategy relevant this year?

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Let's find out what email marketing tips are sticking around for 2022.

1. Leverage Smarter Segmentation and Targeting

As email marketing platforms become better at collecting, collating, and making use of data – their tools for segmenting audiences, and targeting individuals, are becoming near godlike.

In 2022 marketing emails won’t stand a chance unless they’re being sent to the right person, at the right time, with the right content relevant to the individual.

If that sounds like a lot of manual work, you’re missing the point.

As long as you’ve adopted a smart email marketing platform, you’ll be able to set and forget email campaigns that will send to each contact at unique times, with unique content.

Of course, segmenting your database, and knowing who to target with specific copy requires detailed data. That’s where the following tools will come in:

  • Preference centers (replacing ordinary subscription forms)
  • Dynamic content (replacing static copy)
  • Engagement scoring (further segmenting your contacts by how they engage with your brand)
  • Behaviour based triggers (sending emails to contacts based on their behaviour)

2. Take Personalisation to the Next Level

For years we’ve known the power of personalising email content has been one of the top tips for emailing marketing, but how many emails do you receive addressing you by your first name in the first line?

Personalisation is a great way of grabbing your readers’ attention, but your contacts are used to the usual ways in which personalisation is deployed.

In 2022, personalisation has proven to still be a major part of email marketing as always, but it will be used in more surprising, attention-grabbing ways.

Even simply addressing your reader by their first name in the middle of a paragraph, rather than the standard greeting, will make your copy stand out.

If you’re collecting valuable data on your contacts, then the world of personalisation is your oyster. Wow, your contacts by personalising your emails with references to the state they live in, the item they last bought from you, or the renewal date for their membership. A great email marketing tip to add further value to your emails, and surprise your contacts with how you include personalisation – rather than just using it in standard ways.

3. Use Less Graphics, and Be More Interactive

Email marketing tip number three may come as a surprise, but we have reviewed this and decided it is still a keeper. Graphic heavy, website-like emails used to be unique and cutting edge – but as email marketing has taken off across all brands, and contacts become more inundated with promotional content, graphic heavy emails are now less effective at grabbing attention.

The ironic plot twist is as email marketing has become more prolific, it’s the simpler, less graphic intensive emails that are standing out amongst the crowd.

In 2022, more brands have opted for text dominant emails, with strong calls to action and opportunities for interaction.

What does this look like? A branded, styled text email, with perhaps one graphic (header) and clear buttons for interactive purposes.

Interactive emails will be better received than promotional campaigns using one-way communication techniques. This means rethinking your promotional campaigns so that they act more like journeys in which the contact has ample opportunity to interact with your brand along the way.

4. Embrace the end of promotional content, and the resurgence of storytelling

As aforementioned, in 2022 your contacts are going to be far more discerning email consumers. This is because the average office worker receives upwards of 121 emails a day. What makes your email so special?

If you want your emails to matter in 2022, then it’s time to hark back to the cornerstone of human communication, introducing email marketing tip number 4: storytelling.

Rather than blasting out once-off promotional campaigns, brands will have to build campaign journeys, with multiple emails included. These journeys will have to tell some sort of story in order to grab and keep the attention of much pickier readers.

Storytelling also requires a strong personal voice. This means brands will have to design and solidify strong tones in order to build brand personality. With a strong brand personality, storytelling should become a breeze.

5. Make use of more and more automation

The future is here, and most marketers are scrambling to make use of automation and AI to minimise overhead whilst improving ROI.

Marketing automation platforms are delivering on tools previously unimaginable: not only is data being collected, but it can be used to segment, target, personalise, trigger timely communications, and even predict future behaviour.

Automation has continued to be employed in 2022 by marketing teams across all business. If your brand is already using automation tools, you’ll want to be upping the ante this year.

Perhaps you already use automation to segment and target, but aren’t using automation to score engagement and trigger emails based on behaviours such as click-throughs, or webpage visits.

To compete in email marketing, you’ll have to expand your use of automation tools and start experimenting with automating aspects of your strategy that are currently performed manually.

6. Keep on top of privacy: it matters more than ever

2019 was a big year for privacy breaches and data leaks. This means that your contacts are more aware of their privacy and data rights than ever.

Any brand looking to gain trust with their contacts in 2022 will have to be 100% across their local privacy laws, and will also want to comply with SPAM Act, as well as common sense respect.

Across the board, this looks like: having clear opt-ins for subscription, giving clear unsubscription options in emails, being transparent about how data is used, and not sending spammy content.

Of course, it’s important to look at ways in which you need to be compliant according to national law, so it’s well worth engaging in legal advice for email marketing in 2022.

When it comes to email marketing in 2022, the general message is to ramp things up. Email marketing’s strengths have only proven themselves over the last few years, and in 2022 you can expect brands to double down on their investment and effort.

If you’re wanting to rise above the email marketing noise in 2022, make sure to use the tools available to the best of your ability, and to further commit to email marketing automation.

7. Strategy First

As we aim to seek recovery from the emergence of Covid-19, 2022 will be the year of putting email strategy once again at the forefront of your email marketing. If businesses want to start to heal from the effects of Covid-19 they will need to concentrate on mapping out an appropriate strategy for 2022.

Mapping out strategies for the year ahead will help you identify the technologies and software needed to execute successful email campaigns.

That concludes our review of email marketing tips for 2022. There has been some new ones but also some that keep sticking around year after year.

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