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Opens, clicks, CTR, CTOR…

Email marketing, like cricket, has a statistic for everything. The big question: what do the numbers actually say about your content? Tracking the stats is important, but understanding what the numbers really mean will empower you to make informed, confident improvements to your campaigns.

The three key email marketing metrics to look at are your open rates (the number of people who have opened the email versus the total number of recipients), the CTR (the Click-Through Rate, the number of clicks versus the total number of recipients), and the CTOR (the Click-Through to Open Rate, the number of clicks versus the number of opens). In concert, these three stats can give you a wealth of information about how your content was received.

Scenario 1: Plenty of people opened the email, but no one was really interested in the content. Make sure your subject line accurately reflects your content, you don’t want to be misleading.

Scenario 2: An exciting subject line has tempted lots of recipients to open, but they’re still not clicking. Engaging, relevant content with strong calls-to-action will help you out here.

Scenario 3: You’re crushing it! Engaging subject line, and content tailored to your target audience. What a champ!

Scenario 4: Your content has garnered plenty of click action, and those who opened it loved it! You might want to consider segmenting and targeting your mail groups, however, as the low open/high click rates suggests you haven’t quite found your niche.

Scenario 5: Oh, boy! Back to the drawing board. Use these stats to inform future campaigns. Take a look at our subject line guide and tips for writing online content and give it another shot!
Keywords to keep in mind: timely, engaging, relevant.

Email marketing is not a one size fits all technique. It takes proper planning and review in order to be successful and achieve the desired outcomes for your business.  Swift Digital can help you create the ideal automation strategy to make your next email marketing campaign a success!

To find out how your business can get the best out of Swift Digital’s platform, contact our Sales Team today on 02 9929 7001.

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