It has truly become so easy for businesses and companies to send out gorgeous looking bulk emails to their subscribers. Unfortunately, despite the work that often goes into making emails look perfect with precisely-formatted content and a wonderful message, many of them don’t even get opened, let alone clicked through!

If you know your email marketing strategy isn’t working as it should be, you’re getting low engagement and even lower sales or results, you might want to step back and look at what you’re doing and where you can make changes. Here’s how to tell if you need an email marketing makeover and how to do it:

Your Email List Isn’t really Growing

One of the surest signs you need an email marketing makeover is if you’ve got a stagnant email list. Sure, you may have people signing up, but if they’re unsubscribing just as quickly, something’s wrong. If your list growth actually starts reversing, you know you’re in serious trouble!

How to fix it – Look at what you’re offering your subscribers before they sign up and compare this to what they’re actually getting. If there’s a discrepancy there, you need to fix this immediately and keep your promises to your customers. If you’re sending them a free offer, such as an ebook, video or .pdf, is the information in these relevant and up to date? If not, perhaps create a new offer or think of a completely new way of attracting subscribers.

You’re not engaging prospects

You might be attracting and keeping subscribers, but that doesn’t mean they’re opening emails or clicking through on your offers.

How to fix it – Many, many businesses only email their subscribers when they’ve got something to sell them. How do you get to know and engage your prospects – or how do they get to know you – if you’re not engaging with them first? The best email campaigns don’t just highlight the products or services, but they also tell stories about the people behind the company. They give insights not only about what the products or services are, but also how they came to be, who made them and who uses them now. Emailing out a captivating multi-part story is so much easier with automated emails, as you can schedule these story emails to be sent out in order, between marketing emails.

You’re not segmenting your email list

If you’ve been sending the exact same email to every subscriber each time you send emails, then we’re guessing you don’t have a great open or click-through rate, right? That’s because not every one of your customers has the same interests and not all of them are on the same stage in the customer journey. If you’re not segmenting, you’re not showing customers personalisation and that’s not great.

How to fix it – Segment your lists! If you use marketing automation, you can segment your lists by nearly any criteria gathered in your data and then do A/B testing to determine which options work best for that particular set of customers.

We’ll look at two more ways to tell if you need an email marketing makeover and how to do it in ‘Email Marketing – Does Yours Need a Makeover? Part 2’. If you have any questions before then, give us a call on 1300 878 289 or click here to contact us.

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