Email Marketing Automation Solutions For Your Small Business

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Automation is for businesses of all sizes, but small business especially can benefit greatly from employing an Email Marketing Automation solution.

Why? Because automating marketing communications enables a small business to scale, without increasing overheads.

Gone are the days where you need to grow your staff, and find the resources and extra funding to implement smart marketing practices. With Email Marketing Automation, your small business can grow its database, nurture its leads, and increase its conversions – all with a one time set up using an automation platform.

If you’ve been looking to scale your small business by improving your inbound and outbound marketing strategy, but don’t have the right people, or the right resources to do so – an Email Marketing Automation solution is for you.

3 Reasons Why Email Marketing Automation Solutions are for your Small Business:

  1. You need to increase engagement with leads and existing customers, but don’t have the sufficient time or staff.
  2. You want your leads and customers to have an ongoing relationship with your brand, without you having to do more manual work than necessary.
  3. You need to understand your client demographic better, and don’t know where to start.

3 Email Marketing Automation solutions that can help address the above needs and issues:

Build full email journeys up front. Set and forget.

Small businesses benefit from scaled marketing strategies, but often don’t have the staff or means to carry them out. With Email Marketing Automation, you can set up email campaigns in journey-like sequences ahead of time, and simply leave it alone once you’ve done so. For example, you might want to have an on-boarding welcome journey set up for new subscribers, so that you don’t have to worry about manually ensuring they hear from your brand. Any new subscribers will be sent a welcome email, and then subsequent communications that are spread out over time.

This means that after a bit of upfront work, you won’t have to worry about communicating with your new subscribers; as they’ll be on a fully automated journey, giving them plenty of attention from your brand without you having to do any ongoing work.

Set up behaviour triggers to send the right communications at the right time to the right person.

The key to successful marketing is relevance and timing. One of the most common reasons for un-subscription, for example, is receiving too many emails that have little direct value.

Sending timely, relevant content to the right people spells plenty of work when executed manually, and it’s for this reason that small businesses often miss out on the benefits of highly relevant targeted email marketing.

With Email Marketing Automation solutions, you often have access to behavioural trigger tools. Behavioural triggers allow you to set up emails that automatically send to contacts depending on their actions and engagement with your web pages, previous emails, and other communications.

For example, you might want to send a reminder email to register for an event to any of your contacts who clicked to register on your invite, but didn’t follow through. With a properly put together Email Marketing Automation platform, you will be able to set up your reminder to register email so that it sends 3 days after a contact has clicked on your invite, but didn’t register. This is just one example, and as you can imagine – behavioural triggers are a powerful marketing tool when it comes to timing and relevance.

Contacts are far more likely to value your communications if they see that they are personable, relevant, and on time. Behavioural triggers allows small businesses to appear on the ball without you having to spend time and money on manually keeping an eye on customer engagement.

Review and analyse reports to better understand your audience, and use Engagement Scoring to better target your contacts.

The more you know your audience, the better you can reach your marketing goals. As a small business, understanding your audience can often fall to the wayside – as it involves plenty of data collection, management, and analysis. When done manually, collecting data can be a full time job.

However, with an Email Marketing Automation solution, you often have access to collated data in the form of reports. Even better yet, some Email Marketing Automation platforms – such as Swift Digital – give you access to tools that measure the engagement of each individual subscriber. This means you can assign ‘engagement points’ to specific behaviours, which helps you build a profile on each contact revealing how engaged with your brand they are.

For example, you might assign 500 points to any contact who attends an event of yours, whilst click throughs on your emails might garner them 100 points.

Engagement Scoring enables you to target contacts based on their scores, meaning you can reward ‘VIP’ contacts – who regularly engage with your brand – with special offers, or other exclusive content. It also means you can more easily clear your database of unengaged contacts, and gain a more holistic view of whether most of your database is engaged, or not – giving you the chance to tweak your marketing strategy should you need it.

Data reporting tools such as those available in Email Marketing Automation platforms gives small business a big business sized advantage when it comes to understanding and targeting their audience.

Email Marketing Automation solutions give small business a big leg up

Small businesses need stronger marketing strategies to scale, but often, this is easier said than done. Email marketing without automation requires time, resources, and extra hands – something small businesses often don’t have at their disposal. With Email Marketing Automation solutions, small businesses can reap the benefits of strong, targeted, relevant email marketing strategy – such as those that most big business takes for granted.

If your small business needs help with email marketing automation, get in touch with our experts today.