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Stakeholder communications is a key contributor to major project success.

In some ways, the implementation of the physical aspects of the project is easier than engaging with and winning over the key stakeholder groups required to make the project both a physical and PR success.

When it comes to stakeholder communication requirements – transparency, accuracy and communication are key.

In addition, identifying and engaging with your stakeholder groups at an early stage will help to keep the project on track. 

Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement refers to the communication between project leaders and individual stakeholders.

Stakeholder Management

Stakeholder management is the broader process you adopt to manage your stakeholders: their needs and expectations.

Stakeholder Comms Plan Template

When it comes to managing stakeholders, a Stakeholder Communication Plan is a must-have.

Download yours today!

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7 Tips on Effective Stakeholder Communications

1. Identify Key Stakeholders and Plan Communications

Use your stakeholder communications plan to identify stakeholders and plan communications. This is especially effective if you have a number of stakeholders with different requirements

2. Email and e-Newsletters

Email is one of the most popular tools for stakeholder communication.

Its benefits include immediate delivery of information,  customisable content and reporting on engagement and open rates.

This makes it very effective in managing communications with each stakeholder. 

Try using a weekly digest to inform stakeholders of the top-level information from the week. This can include; budget updates, photos, news of the week, contact information, next steps, top-level project plans and more.

3. Communication Automation

Automated regular (e.g. daily), email updates which will be sent out to each stakeholder is also very effective. Automating your BAU information delivery reduces administrative load and increases consistency. 

Using email automation, you can customise your emails with dynamic content and send each stakeholder information specific to their needs. Visually appealing templates will also make the information easier to digest.

4. Presentations

These can be physical or online. 

Online has the distinct advantage of being able to span large geographic areas quickly and effectively. If online, you can opt to use video presentation software. Once you have completed your online presentation, save the slides and send them off to your stakeholders so they can refer to them in their own time.

5. Project Summary Reports

One of the more traditional methods, but still very effective, is the Project Summary Report.  Having performed your stakeholder identification research and discovered what information they require, you can tailor these reports to each stakeholder making this report much more useful and unique.

6. Group Video Call or ‘Screen to Screen’ Meetings

Schedule group video calls, (e.g. weekly) to give a summary of the project. These are also very effective quick response to sudden obstacles that need to be addressed immediately.

7. Leverage Informal Stakeholder Communications

When done right, informal stakeholder communication is often more effective than formal approaches.

“Entertainment” - Lunches, Dinners, Events

Don’t discount old school corporate entertainment. Lunches and Dinners are very useful for obtaining causal feedback and can serve a real purpose when it comes to relationships and building trust. These are often as effective as formal stakeholder communication so don’t rule them out. 

Sporting events, team building, etc also help build on your relationship and improve communication and trust.

Improve your Stakeholder Communication with Automation Software

Building bridges and understanding how to communicate with stakeholders is an invaluable skill and is important to the overall project success. If you would like more information on how to improve your communication with stakeholders then feel free to get in touch with Swift Digital.

Swift Digital works with a number of public and private sector companies – including Government organisations, Universities and Utility companies– to improve their communications and stakeholder management.

Do you need help communicating with stakeholders? Or want to improve your stakeholder management process.  Here at Swift Digital, we provide email automation services that can help facilitate your stakeholder communications and help to improve your stakeholder relationships.

To find out how your business can get the best out of Swift Digital’s platform, contact our team today on 02 9929 7001.

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