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Do you want an email that not only looks amazing but also converts? Yes, we all do. That’s why we have put together a shortlist of Swift Digital’s top email design and best practices for all of the moving parts of your email. There is a bonus email marketing cheat sheet at the end for you.

1. Plan For No Images

Most email clients will block images in emails and often give the recipient the option to ‘Download Images’. This means you need to plan and design your emails in a way that they can still be interpreted without the images. Make sure your body copy and headlines are interesting nad targeted. If you do use images make sure you add descriptive alt tags to them which will display when images are turned off.
Top tip! Use persuasive content and headlines which make your reader want to download your images.

2. Prominent CTA

Make sure your designs include clear and big CTA’s. Your CTA’s should make people want to click on them and designed in a way that makes them stand out and direct the readers eye. Make sure you use a colour that works with your branding, a powerful block colour is advised or a bold outline. It is important that the CTA’s look like they are clickable. You don’t want your readers thinking they aren’t there to be clicked. Use persuassive language in your CTA’s e.g. Find Out More, Learn More, Download Your Guide

3. Three Column Rule

Most email clients display emails at 600px in width. A great design tip is to use 2-3 columns in your email to compliment this, side by side for maximum visual impact.

4. Test It On The Go

Test, test, test your email design as you build it. This way you will be able to see if your email is looking just as great across each email client as it is in the editor.  The Swift Digital suite allows you to send test emails to any email client or address and you can send as many as you want until it looks perfect. Also, try using a testing QA platform like Email on Acid and Litmus

5. Make Use Of White Space (Padding)

This top design team actually comes from our Swift Digital design team. Our design team have been building and designing emails for over 10 years and this is one of their top tips.
“Consider using padding and white space to make content stand out. If there’s a lot of content and no spacing it can make an email look busy and cluttered and difficult to read.”

6. Keep Message Focussed

What is the aim of your email? Who is the focus of your email? Before designing and building your emails, it is important that you have identified the message of your email. Once established, stick to it.

7. Keep Copy Short and Sweet

Sometimes less is more. If somebody receives a long email, the likelihood is that they aren’t going to read it. Get to your point, and quickly!

8. Visual Hierarchy

Plan and maintain a visual hierarchy for your emails. Your subscribers aren’t going to read your email from start ’til end; keep your email design easy to scan. Use the first fold (above) for the most important information.

Studies show that readers eyes are more attracted to imagery than text, even if the text is very large and somewhat important. Be sure to use striking, good quality imagery towards the begginning of your email and text directly below. headline.

9. Experiment With Fonts

Although very tempting to use fancy fonts, web-embedded fonts won’t show up on your emails, which means your content won’t look exactly how you want it to. For body copy, stick to the basics like, Times New Roman, Tahoma, Arial, Verdana, Courier and Georgia.
Top tip! Font size 14 to 16 is favourable with email.

**Bonus Email Marketing Cheat Sheet**

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