The Easy Way to Plan, Market & Manage Your Event

An automated event management platform is the solution to planning any type or size of the event, including managing invitations, tickets and payments with ease.

If you’ve not considered investing in this type of software before, you’re underestimating the benefits that such a platform can offer to your business. Why not join one of Australia’s many successful organisations using Swift Digital software to manage their events?

1. Event Management Software Offers Specific Benefits to Several Industries

Event management software provides a number of benefits to organisations operating in a range of industries:

Educational Organisations

Universities, schools, and other educational establishments can automate all academic, social, and cultural events in one easy-to-use platform. This can help to increase registration rates, and reduce the workload of busy in-house marketing teams.

An automated system for bookings and cancellations results in fewer double bookings and data entry errors, which can help to save your budget. Payments are easily managed and customised email campaigns and microsites can be created to promote events and increase registrations. After your event, you can easily gather feedback to improve your next event.

Government Departments

Federal or state government departments and government-funded organisations can plan, promote, and manage government events, from invite to check-in, in one fully-integrated platform.

Privacy and security are particularly important when marketing and sending communications about government events, so it’s vital to choose an event management platform fully compliant with anti-spam and privacy laws that stores data on secure servers.

Cloud-based event planning software takes care of the security requirements for you and provides one central overview of all your events including workshops, conferences, seminars, and more.

Super and Investment Companies

Superannuation, investment, and retirement firms can use event management software to automate bookings and marketing communications for conferences, seminars, webinars, and other on and offline events to promote their services.

Events are a highly effective way to engage with your audience, and you can increase your attendance rate and gather feedback for continual improvement by using an automation platform to send out personalised email invites, manage registrations, send SMS reminders, mark event attendance, and more.

Banks & Financial Organisations

Banks and other financial institutions often arrange financial events such as conferences, seminars, public speaking events, and training for customers, partners, and staff. These events can be an effective marketing tool but are also a drain on time and resources.

Event management and automation software takes the hard work out of managing your event attendees, dealing with sending out invitations, managing registrations and cancellations, taking payments, and sending out surveys to gather attendee feedback.

Legal & Accounting Firms

It’s vital for legal and accounting firms to have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with clients and partners to remain competitive in today’s world where most business is conducted online. However , arranging these events can be logistically difficult and takes up a lot of time.

An event management platform can automate promotion, administration and follow-up of industry events, allowing you to concentrate on your core business activities.

2. Reduce Costs of Event Planning‎

No matter how important your event is to your marketing strategy and overall marketing strategy, you need to stick to your budget.

However ,this can be challenging, as even the most basic event planning tasks can take up a lot of time and resources.

Promotion and marketing of your event can be expensive, but social media and email marketing makes it easy for you to promote your event on even the smallest of budgets. You can also use these channels to engage your attendees in the run-up to and during the event, and gather feedback to help you improve on future events.

Event management and automation software such as the Swift Digital platform not only helps you to manage event admin more efficiently, saving you time and money, but it can also automate your promotional activities, helping you to increase attendance rate and build buzz prior to your event.

The Swift Digital events platform is a holistic solution to event management that enables you to send out professionally designed communications and carry out highly targeted marketing for the best possible results. No worries about accidental double-bookings or processing cancellations, as the system handles everything automatically from sending out email invites, to taking bookings and payments, to gathering feedback after the event in one convenient place that saves you time and makes sure you stick within your budget.

3. Take and Manage Bookings in Minutes

The administrative tasks of event organisation can be highly time-consuming. Sending out invitations, manually taking bookings and payments, dealing with cancellations and refunds, and handling check-ins at the event are easily a full-time job.

This is where an automation system is worth its weight in gold. The Swift Digital automated booking management system allows you to send out emails, track open rates and registrations, process payments, send out reminders, process cancellations and refunds, send thank you emails and feedback forms, and more.

All of this is simply and easily managed from one central platform, which takes only minutes each day to manage. As the majority of management tasks are completely automated, you don’t need to overburden your marketing team or take on additional staff to deal with the admin, and you’re free to concentrate on putting on a great event.

Automate Your Next Event to Save Time and Money

Automation is an already proven and effective way of scaling and improving your marketing efforts, but have you considered using it in managing your next event? Swift Digital can help you to develop a professional and creative automation strategy that will save you time and money and ensure your event is a success.

We have the skills and experience to help you create the perfect event management campaign and our automation platform will ensure everything runs smoothly from initial promotion through to final follow-up.

To find out more about Swift Digital’s automation platforms, call our sales team today on 02 9929 7001 to request a demo.