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Of all digital marketing channels, it is email which is widely recognised to have the highest potential for return. However, like any other digital marketing strategy, much of its effectiveness relies on the canny use of customer data to create emails which are targeted, well-timed, and tailored for maximum appeal to each customer.

The difference between success and failure is found in the quality of your data gathering and handling. In light of this, it’s no surprise that almost three-quarters of marketers surveyed for 2017 report on email channels were either practicing or planning advanced data segmentation, making it the most-desired improvement to marketing practices overall.

Advancing our understanding of customer data

Some 80% of companies and email marketing agencies report that they are already practicing data segmentation on a basic level. This shows that the industry as a whole understands how essential it is to understand customers through their data, and after using segmentation to produce more targeted emails the number of marketers who report an “excellent” ROI for the channel doubles.

The same survey data shows a further 100% increase in ROI ratings among marketers who employ advanced data segmentation, so what constitutes the next step for the 47% of marketers who are yet to move forward with these powerful techniques?

How to take data segmentation further

In future, marketers will need to use greater and cleverer use of segmentation to continue driving sales with personalised content. Delivering the right content at the right time relies on you having the right information about your customer; information which tells you what their purchasing power is and when they are likely to buy. Marketers surveyed indicated their top priority for improving their campaigns was “better use of behavioural triggers”, and being able to gather and use customer data from this source will allow for segmentation with higher ROI.

Currently, most organisations are still only personalising customer emails with a name, and segmenting customers based on demographic data gathered when they subscribe. Advanced segmentation, while it need not always describe customers by their purchasing behaviour, can directly inform marketers of which automation triggers to associate with them, leading to a greater ROI and customers who feel that the company understands them.

Modern digital marketing tools face an increased demand to accommodate and assist marketers in performing more intelligent data segmentation. The Swift Digital Suite offers some of the most flexible and advanced segmentation tools on the market, with regular new releases to keep up with the industry’s best practices.

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