Swift Digital Art Library gets a Summer upgrade

This month the Swift Digital programming team have been working hard on on rolling out some exciting new features across the Art Library module. Together the new features bring you a faster and more improved user experience. Let’s take a look below to find out what they are.

What is new?

1. Smart Search

As part of the roll out, we have added a ‘Smart Search’ feature. This feature allows you to search your assets by the name of your file as well as searching by your ‘tags’. The new rollout also allows you to search by both name and tag.

This new and improved search functionality gives you greater control when managing and filtering your assets.

2. Faster Loading

The Art Library has gone through an extensive review and optimisation of the code it uses to bring you 10 times faster load times. The code optimisation process also brings you greater upload speeds when uploading your images and assets to the Art Library.

3. Enhanced Interface

The number of images shown per page has been increased to 50 with a further improvement to the pagination of the Art Library. This new and improved layout creates an overall better UX. As an addition you can now also view the latest asset you modified at the top of your list.

This improvement makes it easier for you to locate your latest document that you have been working on.

See how it works

Enter in your search word into the smart search function
Assets with the search word in their name will appear
Enter into the search the tag word you want to find
All assets with the tag search word associated with them will appear

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