If you’re delving into the world of marketing automation without the support of a good marketing automation platform, you may find yourself making unnecessary mistakes. We’ve compiled a list of 6 of the most common mistakes newbies can make, but don’t worry – these are all easily avoided and we show you how!

Mistake 1 – Looking at the wrong metrics

If you’re achieving great open rates, for example, it isn’t hard to get a bit swept up in the excitement of that and fail to see your weaknesses in other metrics, like click-throughs, conversions or unsubscribes. You may be settling for way less than you could be achieving.

Solution: Look at your overall metrics and judge your performance based on those averages. It’s better to see a lower open rate with a medium number of conversions than it is to see a huge open rate with no conversions!

Mistake 2 – Not performing tests

Many marketers feel as though they don’t need to perform testing if they are achieving any results at all. Why fix it if it ain’t broke? Because if you don’t use your marketing automation platform’s testing features, you’re really missing out on huge benefits.

Solution:  Regularly test your emails, landing pages, subject lines, calls to action, device compatibility and whatever else you can. This allows you to determine which variations work the best with specific groups and can seriously increase your conversion rates!

Mistake 3 – Only automating emails

Many people who first learn about marketing automation assume that you can only automate emails – this isn’t true. From the moment a visitor lands on your website, you can start the automation process and use it through the entire customer journey.

Solution: Check out our huge range of automation features by clicking here. Swift Digital’s automation solutions include email marketing automation, online survey automation, event management automation, mobile/SMS marketing automation, landing page automation and more!

Mistake 4 – Buying email lists

If you’ve been tempted by those sites that promise you thousands of email contacts or followers for a price, you’ll know just how useless these highly unqualified leads are! Regardless of how cheap it seems, buying an email list will almost always result in a loss of money and valuable time.

Solution: Three highly qualified leads are worth much, much more than three thousand highly unqualified leads, so stop trying to build a huge list and instead, concentrate on a strong inbound marketing strategy backed by a good content rollout. This method is much more sustainable and profitable.

Mistake 5 – Not segmenting

If you’re a young business with only a dozen subscribers, it’s probably ok to batch them together and send out the same campaign to all of them. When you’ve gained a decent-sized target audience though, it’s time to utilise segmentation, otherwise you’re missing out on huge opportunities!

Solution: Analyse your lists and segment them based on demographic or behavioural data (such as page visits, cart abandonments etc), so that you are able to deliver more relevant content to them in the future.

Mistake 6 – Paying too much

Yes, marketing automation platforms can be insanely expensive and some of them just aren’t worth it and you end up paying for a whole lot of irrelevant features.

Solution: Here at Swift Digital, we have drawn from our many years of experience, listened to our customers and compiled a suite of valuable features that will  add to your ROI. Instead of adding features that you may not want, we’ve instead made our platform integrable with a huge number of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions. Let us show you with a FREE DEMO, or give us a call on 1300 878 289 and we’ll walk you through our great features!

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