In the 21st century, potential customers have strayed far from traditional media like television, broadcast radio, and print. In an ever-changing environment, advertisers need to hit their customers on the go, wherever they are. SMS marketing can take your business to wherever your customers go. However, to be successful, it needs to be thoughtful. While bad SMS marketing can alienate customers, a savvy campaign can build lifelong customer relationships.

The Basics of SMS

The call to action of any SMS marketing text is the keyword and shortcode, which activate communication. If you have ever received an SMS message, you are familiar with the instruction to text some word to a certain number. Once you text the word to the number, you start to receive marketing messages. Each SMS marketer should have its own unique keyword and shortcode to avoid confusion.

Make sure that the keyword and shortcode message are a clear call to action, free from other wording that can confuse the audience.

Why SMS Potentially Performs Better

Beyond Facebook, beyond other social media, well beyond email, text messaging remains the most used digital form of communication. Most open text messages immediately, unlike emails which can lay unopened for days, if ever. Remember also that not every mobile phone user has a smartphone. SMS reaches any cell phone in service.

Five Ways To Maximise SMS Marketing

First, remember that customers are more likely to look at marketing that offers real value. Use SMS to connect customers with coupons or information on deals exclusive to those getting the message. Customers love both saving money and knowing they can get an inside deal.

Next, use SMS to send reminders or other information. Customers often lead very busy lives and appreciate reminders that their hair or oil change appointment is coming up. Hotels might send information to guests who have booked rooms about local restaurant deals or community events.

You can also use SMS to get feedback. Messages can request that customers take a brief poll on their experience or write a short review. Of course, these can be tied to offers of more coupons or exclusive deals to drive long-term connections.

Sometimes a picture says much more than text. Here MMS, or multimedia messaging service, can be very useful. Instead of a print text, a restaurant would likely prefer to send its menu in a photo. An adventure sports business may prefer to embed a video in their messaging.

Some strategies lend themselves toward using geofencing. A local cafe would not be interesting in scattering news about their deals throughout the continent. They are better served by only reaching phones within a reasonable commuting distance. This can be customised to differentiate not only between locations but also types of customers. A great SMS marketing plan can isolate customers based on demographics, their buying history, participation in different mobile campaigns, and other identifying information

Get A Great SMS Marketing Plan

Businesses across Australia both large and small are perfecting SMS marketing as part of a broad-based digital effort to build their customer base. Do not get left behind while your competitors can potentially access every mobile phone in the country

Have you implemented an SMS Automation into your marketing campaign?

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