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Remote meetings and events are a beautiful thing. They’re accessible regardless of place; making them far more attractive to a wider range of attendees, and they dramatically save on the overhead needed to run on-site, real life occasions.

Regardless of why you’re choosing to run webinars instead of location based events, know that event automation is your friend.

Whilst most people would think to deploy event management automation software for ‘real’ events, it can also do wonders for your Go To Webinar events. Especially if your software is integrated with your webinar platform, like Swift Digital’s is with Go To Webinar.

Want to find out more about Go To Webinar, and how it integrates with Swift Digital’s Marketing Automation platform?Want to find out more about Go To Webinar, and how it integrates with Swift Digital’s Marketing Automation platform?

If you’re keen on using Go To Webinar with your Marketing Automation software, here are 5 tips on how to get the most out of it.

Automatically pull through Go To Webinar links in your invites

With Swift Digital’s out-of-the-box integration with Go To Webinar, it’s as easy as pie to associate your Go To Webinar with an event, and have its invites and other email campaigns automatically populate with the correct online registration link.

With event automation and Go To integration, there’s no need for manually locating your webinar link and copying and pasting it over. Each of your webinar events will be associated with its own webinar, and your email templates will reflect that.

Automate a pre-event reminder

When it comes to webinars, people expect that the link to attend is sent to them just before the webinar starts. It’s important to send an event reminder when it comes to webinars, and even more important is the timing. Send it too long before the event and people will lose the Go To Webinar link amongst their inbox avalanches, send it too soon before the event and people will forget to attend completely.

The key is to set up your reminder to attend emails so that they pull through the webinar link (to attend), and pre-schedule them to automatically go out just the right amount of time before your event starts (let’s say an hour before) – saving you on the time and stress of last minute manual publication.

Turn long links into buttons

Granted, Go To Webinar links are long and not exactly friendly looking. If you’re wanting to hide the long string URL, and tidy up the appearance of your invites and reminders, then consider simply copying the URL and applying it to text as a hyperlink, or to a button. 

This way your webinar’s links will appear as much more approachable text links or colourful buttons; probably boosting your click throughs (as an added bonus).

If you’re using Swift Digital’s Go To Webinar integration, you could even request that webinar links are always added to a button in your email templates, saving you a couple clicks.

If you’re wanting to increase ROI and the overall success of your marketing automation strategy, then properly reviewing reports, analysing data, and reflecting on what the data says about reaching your marketing goals is imperative.

Mark attendees, and auto thank them

When using an Event Automation platform, your webinar invites will collect registrants seamlessly for you and give you access to registrant tools that take the pain out of management. 

Mark all your event attendees as having attended, and having a pre-scheduled “thank you for coming” email automated to send an hour or so after your webinar finishes.

This automated thank you email might include a recording of your webinar, or a link to a feedback form. Make the most out of your thank you email, as it’s a great way to keep the conversation – and relationship – between you and your attendees going. It’s not difficult to organise either, set up your thank you email in advance, automate its publication – and you won’t have to think twice. As long as you mark off your attendees you’ll target the right people with the right follow up.

Record and share your webinars

Although webinars are far more accessible than offline events, there are still going to be possible-attendees who simply can’t – or won’t – make it. That’s why recording your Go To Webinar and later linking to it on a dedicated landing page is a great idea. This increases the reach of your webinar beyond your actual attendees, and makes your content even more readily available despite time or place. 

For those eager registrants who simply are in the wrong time zone to attend a live webinar? Link them to past recordings. For those registrants who forgot to attend? Link them to what they missed. 

No matter how you look at it, recording your webinars and having them available on a dedicated page is a great idea.

There’s even the possibility of automatically posting recorded webinars to a landing page. As long as you build it in your Marketing Automation platform – just about anything is possible.

Webinars make event content accessible to more people, increasing your brand’s reach and marketing capabilities. In tandem with event automation, events are becoming incredibly easy to deploy, manage and market – and the same goes for your webinar events. You’ll love running Go To Webinars with Swift Digital’s platform – so much so, you may find yourself considering what other real life events would be better off conducted online.

3 casette recorders and a radio
Recording your webinar means they can be listened to over and over, again and again.

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