How well do you know the Swift Digital suite?

Do you think you have a swift hand when it comes to using the Swift Digital modules? This month we explore 5 areas of the suite that for some, still remain under wraps.

Let's find out!

1. Keyboard Shortcuts

First up, Swift Digital keyboard shortcuts! These can be found in the Composer module and are super useful! Check them out.

2. Content block saving

Next comes content blocks. Have you ever created a really cool content block and then wanted to use it in one of your other documents? Well you can! The suite has a neat feature where you can save your content block and then re use it in another part of your document or even in a new template. Find out how to do so here.

3. Content rules and dynamic content

Introducing number three, buzzword of the year, dynamic content. Sending your users content that they want to receive and is more personal to their needs, is pivotal to improving your engagement rates and increasing your CTR’s. Swift Digital’s dynamic content and content rules feature has been around for some time now. If you haven’t already, explore the possibilities of this tool today.

Find out how to add rules to your EDM with this knowledegbase article

4. Over-riding style colours and padding

Coming in at number four is; overriding styles. The suite allows you to override your style colours and padding. Did you know about this one? Some users do, some users don’t. This maybe because it is a little on the hidden side. It can be found below your styles in the Composer module. Use these to change the colours of your headings and backgrounds as well as adjust your padding in your content blocks. Give it a try!

5. Swift Digital Knowledgebase

Last but not least. The Swift Digital knowledgebase. The answers of all answers. We have an extensive knowledgebase library that we update regularly as new features and enhancements are added. This is found under the ‘Help’ once you are logged in.

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