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How to Produce an Effective Departmental Newsletter

A departmental newsletter, or employee newsletter, is used to share information within the business and keep employees updated with any changes/advancements within the company. They are similar to those pieces that fall under any internal communications channel in which they intent to influence company attitudes and behaviours, as well as reach, readership/cut-through in regard to important messages. They help to break down silos (departmental secrecy) as well as reduce the mass of emails shared within the company through covering all bases in the newsletter.

Making Your Event Stand Out from the Crowd

When planning events, many organisers get so focused on the actual event they neglect the process that gets attendees through the door. Event success is determined on the entirety of the attendee experience, from the moment they receive an invitation, to the time they arrive.

Chat Bots, Virtual Reality and Recruitment Automation: The Future is Here

Automation integration is increasingly making its way into everyday life. Beyond the realm of communications, automation has touched almost every element of daily life, especially when it comes to the work place. While we’ve got our heads firmly around marketing automation, here are some automation areas set to boom in the future. 

The Most Effective Behavioural Triggers for Email Marketing Campaigns

It’s no secret a well strategized, segmented, designed and written EDM campaign can garner an impressive ROI, but even the most well thought out campaign can flop when its launch is mistimed or outside your audience interest. It’s a common mistake made by digital marketers all over the world, they conceptualise, build and launch excellent creative ideas without considering the actual relevance of the campaign to their audience.

Artful Data: the Value of Advanced Segmentation

Of all digital marketing channels, it is email which is widely recognised to have the highest potential for return. However, like any other digital marketing strategy, much of its effectiveness relies on the canny use of customer data to create emails which are targeted, well-timed, and tailored for maximum appeal to each customer.

Are You Properly Measuring the ROI of Email?

Marketing budgets are as tight now as they have ever been, with various campaigns and marketing platforms vying for limited budget allocation. ROI is king in such evaluations, with the platforms which offer the biggest returns getting the lion’s share of attention and funding. But research conducted across the industry indicates that current estimates of ROI for email marketing campaigns are much too low, with sales resulting from email being attributed to other factors. This results in email not being sufficiently prioritised by many organisations despite strong real sales figures. 

What Is Your Brand Perception Once You Leave the Meeting Room?

Anybo who understands marketing will agree – the external perception of your brand is vital to all marketing efforts. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’s famous definition of “brand” emphasizes its essential nature to business: “what people say about you when you’re not in the room”. Your audience’s opinion of your company. Will be one of the key determining factors of overall commercial engagement. 

The Human Impact of Introducing New Systems to Your Business

Managers implementing their organisation’s marketing strategy understand that managing change while mid-marketing-pathway can cost you significantly. Budget, schedule, brand communications and ROI can all suffer.

Is Service and Training a Part of a Tool Suite?

The role of various sorts of software tools in digital marketing is firmly established; the automation, analysis and data tracking capabilities they offer simply too convenient to pass up in the struggle for success. The various products and their providers in the marketing tools landscape are well-known. For most marketers, it is enough to simply pick out the software which matches their digital marketing goals, targeted channels and price range, and then stick with that suite until said needs change. 

Email Maintaining Brand Equity Despite Prominence of Social Media

Much hand wringing and executive man-hours nowadays are devoted to figuring out the correct split of advertising investment between the various channels available. At a glance it can seem as though email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels are all effectively different takes on the same marketing idea, and there is pressure to find the “best” one for overall ROI.