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More Than Just Premier Marketing Automation Software

About Us

Swift Digital was established in 2000 to meet the growing need for a world-class Australian digital marketing platform. From small business marketing automation, to B2B and B2C software solutions, the scope of our services have grown greatly since then. During these past 15+ years the platform has evolved as technology changes and marketers needs adjust accordingly. We focus on the needs of Australian marketing professionals who demand:


  • A world class marketing automation platform
  • Personal service and support
  • Brand consistency
  • Assurance of data security and sovereignty


Our People

The Swift Digital team are a talented group, including our fearless founders, programmers, designers and web developers, account managers, and a dedicated support team. Of course, our management and administration team keep everything together.


The Swift team is one big family, and communication skills are prized. As a typical Australian company, our team comes from all over the globe. This makes our Friday afternoon “Beer & Share” weekly achievement review a truly international event.


DIY and Managed Services

We work with our clients to meet their marketing needs, whether that’s providing the online marketing platform, designing and developing websites, managing SEO campaigns, or developing bespoke applications to streamline a process. Our team is equipped with a wide range of skills to meet your Internet marketing needs. We pride ourselves on providing some of the best marketing automation software for small business and are continually updating out platform to pass additional benefits on to our clients.

Our Software

The Swift Digital Suite is Software as a Service (SaaS), cloud computing, internet software - whatever you want to call it. There are many advantages to browser-based applications, which is why we chose to develop ‘in the cloud’ long before it was the latest buzzword. The Swift Digital platform runs on virtually any web-enabled device, in all browsers, and is easy and intuitive to use.


The marketing automation platform itself encompasses a number of marketing and communication modules within a single platform allowing customers to perform many tasks within a single software environment, where typically several separate pieces of software would normally be deployed. This benefits clients through the centralisation of data and reporting as well as streamlining the campaign management process.



Features include:


  • Email marketing
  • Event management
  • Landing pages
  • Online Surveys
  • SMS
  • Social Sharing
  • CRM integration

Government Accreditation

Swift Digital Suite is deployed across all levels of government. In NSW, Victoria and Queensland we are approved suppliers through


  • Qassure
  • NSW ICT Services Registered Supplier List
  • Victorian Government Services Register Approved Supplier


Federal Government agencies are able to procure our services without the need to go through panels.