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Hugh Evans

Emails opened: 2
Events attended: 0
Pages visited: 3
Surveys completed: 0
SMS replies: 1
Engagement: 12%

Low Engagement

Jennifer Moss

Emails opened: 18
Events attended: 3
Pages visited: 26
Surveys completed: 4
SMS replies: 7
Engagement: 93%

High Engagement

Marc Reed

Emails opened: 13
Events attended: 1
Pages visited: 17
Surveys completed: 2
SMS replies: 4
Engagement: 82%

High Engagement

Lauren Liang

Emails opened: 6
Events attended: 1
Pages visited: 10
Surveys completed: 0
SMS replies: 2
Engagement: 63%

Average Engagement

Daphne Summers

Emails opened: 4
Events attended: 1
Pages visited: 3
Surveys completed: 0
SMS replies: 0
Engagement: 45%

Average Engagement

Everything you need in one place

Email Marketing

Create and send beautiful emails and newsletters with our drag and drop editor.

Event Management

Send invites, manage registrations, check-in guests, and everything in between.

Landing Pages

Easily build branded pages, add forms, then watch performance.

Online Surveys

Create branded surveys to capture feedback, opinions, and so much more.


Easily publish messages and alerts to general contact lists or event registrants.

Marketing Automation

Whether you’re building sophisticated drip campaigns, planning a series of events, or crafting regular monthly newsletters, all the automation tools you need are at your fingertips with the Swift Digital platform. Our Marketing Automation platform provides one-to-one marketing via a robust and proven platform.

Learn more: Marketing Automation

Engagement Scoring

Whether your subscribers are contacts, members, employees or leads, their true affection to your brand lies in how active they are in engaging with your communications. Use scoring to see who’s engaged with you and who’s not. Combined, our marketing solutions provide a catchall of your contacts’ online engagement.

Learn more: Engagement Scoring

Are you unknowingly giving away ownership of your data?

Data Security and Ownership

Did you know that some of the largest email providers reserve the right to delete your account/data based on inactivity? Or that one of the largest online event platforms takes ownership of your event and registrant data? Or that most providers have foreign data centres, and that under Australian law, you become legally responsible for their data storage policies?

Using big-brand US providers may seem like a cheap and easy solution, but it can also bring an enormous amount of risk (and possibly even violate your own privacy policy).

You maintain data ownership

You maintain full control and ownership of your data. Full-stop. You may be surprised to learn how other companies take control of your data. Data ownership is critical to many of our clients, so you’ll find this in black and white, right here, in our terms and conditions.

Your data stays in Australia

Our data servers are geographically locked to Australia. Your data therefore stays in Australia, and remains bound by Australian law. With Swift, you don’t need to worry about your data being stored in overseas data centres (and thereby bound by foreign legislation).

Your data is heavily protected

Our security combines the world’s most credible data centre, the proven efficacy of superior software, and a watchful security team. Many clients are government and financial organisations, who require the most stringent data protection rules.

Our clients

We work with great companies who care deeply about brand and engagement. Here are a few who we work with every day:

"Just wanted to say a big thank you for all your team’s help to date! The Employee & Family Month site is looking and working amazingly and we have received so much great feedback to date--especially on the customer experience! Your can-do attitude has helped make the site the way it is. You guys are wonderful to work with!"


"This is an amazing software--one I recommend to anyone who will listen. I commend you on your endless pursuit of the perfect Internet marketing and communication system."

Australian GP Registrar

Multiple integration options

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